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10 laundry hacks that can save your clothes.

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For most of us, doing laundry is a task we do not have to put much thought into. It doesn’t take much brain power to see a pile of laundry and move it from the floor to the washing machine. But perhaps its time we take a second to think about the simple ways we can extend the life of our favorite clothes, while saving money and the environment as well.

Follow along for the top 10 laundry hacks that can save your clothes!

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10. Try to minimize dry cleaning

Did you know that constantly taking your clothes to the dry cleaners isn’t in the best interest? Often the treatment can damage your clothes over time. When ever possible, try spot cleaning or recycle your outfits.

9 Make your loads smaller.

Even though it may make things move along more quickly, by stuffing the machine, you will end up with clothes that are not as clean. Clothing needs room to move around in the water and detergent. So take the TIME and wash it right!

8 Figure out the correct way to sort.

Though most people know to keep darks separate from lights. There is more important criteria. In addition, you should sort by level of dirtiness and fabric type. Fabrics that need longer to dry should be separate from more delicate type fabrics with less drying time. On the same note, extra soiled items that need more deep cleaning washing cycle should be kept from those that do not.

If you are the sorting type, and like to have a basket handy, you can find then very inexpensive at the Dollar Tree.

7 Dryer balls

Dryer balls offer the same results as dryer sheets and are reusable. By adding the small plastic balls to your loads you will reduce static and soften fabric. For and even more frugal option, try balling up aluminum foil. These little balls can also shorten your dryer time!

I have learned over the years, the wool dryer balls work much better, AND you can add essential oils to them for scent. Although I haven’t tried the aluminum foil trick yet.

6 Close the zipper.

If you leave zippers open, the sharp teeth can catch on other items and quickly begin to fray your clothes. So double check your zippers are safely closed to save your favorite sweater. Its also important to leave items with buttons open. This will minimize the stress on the tread holding the buttons on.

5 DIY stain removal

There are a million tips out there for everyday house hold items that double as stain removers. Hydrogen peroxide works best on grass. Baby powder or chalk works great on grease based stains. Club soda for wine stains. So do a quick internet search- the answer may be in your kitchen cabinet.

Dollar Tree has a product called AWESOME, and it truly is! It actually has many uses besides stain removal, they are even listed on the bottle itself, along with how to use! The above mentioned are all great options as well, and are for the most part eco friendly.

4 Pay special attention to your dark items.

Make sure you are keeping your dark jeans or sweaters the same color as you purchased them. Wash them inside out in cold water. Its also best to hang dry these items to save them from harsh dryer heats. By keeping an eye on items likely to bleed you are saving your lighter clothes also.

3 Hang dry

When in doubt, hang dry. If you are afraid of an item shrinking, hang dry. Once an item has these flaws its impossible to fix. Dryers, though convenient, can be the place most dangerous.

2 The power of vinegar

Adding 1/2 cup of vinegar to your wash load can be a great alternative to dryer sheets. Your clothes will be static free, lint free, and much softer. And your clothes will not smell gross if added at the begining of the cycle.

1 Dewrinkle with ice cubes

Did you finally finish you laundry only to find your favorite top still has wrinkles? Pop it back in the dryer with a few ice cubes. Steam from the melting cubes will help de wrinkle and in 15 minutes your top is wareable.

Its sad to think of the money we have wasted and the clothes we could have saved had we known these tips. There are many laundry mistakes to avoid if you know what to look for. So follow these 10 tips and you’ll know that you are treating your clothes with the best care possible.

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