Maintaining the progress you’ve made in your home.

Do you ever work really hard to clean your house and it feels absolutely amazing about how great it looks, then wake to a complete disaster zone the next morning and immediately become discouraged?

You are far from alone! I think we’ve all been there – the laundry, dishes, and clutter piles sometimes feel like they form out of no where! And while my house wont clean it’s self, I have learned a few tricks about keeping it manageable and nice looking most of the time, and I want to share those tips with you.

10 ways to keep your house clean, after you clean.

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1 Give your home 15 minutes a day.

You may not be able to clean the entire house everyday, but you can still spend 15 minutes doing something. Whether you unload or reload the dishwasher, tidy the living room, or fold one load of laundry, you’re making forward progress.

Many days, you’ll be able to do more than one of those but even on days you can’t dedicate alot of time cleaning, accomplishing just a little bit will help keep your house in decent condition until you can get to the rest.

2 Having a cleaning day (or 3) every week.

Regularly give your home a little extra time to take care of anything the 15 minutes couldn’t do. The more cleaning sessions you have planned each week, the better, because a few days worth of stuff is easier to clean up than a full weeks. And, if you have multiple cleaning sessions scheduled each week and need to skip one, you know you’ll have another coming up soon.

3 Skip playing catch up.

Is vacuuming supposed to happen on Mondays but now it’s Tuesday? Don’t vacuum – simply move on to the next chore and wait until vacuuming day rolls back around. The same goes for scrubbing bathrooms, mowing grass, cleaning out the fridge etc. Just move on and catch up those chores the next time around. This will allow you to take needed breaks and enjoy your loved ones instead of becoming a slave to your schedule.

4 Focus on blessing – not impressing – visitors.

When we try to impress people, our entire mindset changes. Instead of putting things away and considering it good enough, we start shoving clutter into corners and closets so we can dust or mop or shine things up to a higher standard than what we’d normally do.

Focus instead on blessing your visitors with a welcoming attitude. This way, your cleaning in a way that’s beneficial to your family, not just potentially impressive to company.

5 simplify your routine.

Do you really need to dust on top of the fridge or sweep your side walk on a regular basis? Somethings can wait for longer inbetween.

6 Forget about perfection.

The Pareto principal states that it takes 20% of time to complete 80% of the job, and the other 80% of the time to finish 20% of the work. Most of the time, it’s perfectly wonderful and freeing to quickly complete your 80% of the house keeping and not worry about the final, more time consuming 20%.

7 Think positively.

If you think you can accomplish something then you can likely accomplish it. On the other hand, if you can tell yourself that homemaking isn’t important or you don’t have time, you’ll end up living in a constant mess. Believe that you can succeed, and make sure your actions validate that belief.

8 Hit your clutter spot.

Think about the one room you really love to clean – for me it’s the kitchen. If the rest of the house is a mess but my kitchen is clean, I feel like my house is under control. On the other hand, if the rest of the house is tidy but the kitchen is a mess, I feel overwhelmed and stressed out.

Maybe your hot spot is the laundry, or the living room, or the toy room. What ever that one place is (and don’t say it’s your entire house) clean that first. Every time. I promise it will make the biggest positive difference in your home, which will likely help your stress levels and mental health.

9 Speak kindly to those around you.

A clean home isn’t worth a damaged relationship. If you have a Martha Stewart type home but your family members are harshly criticized everytime they leave something out, they’ll remember the criticism, not the clean home. On the other hand, if a mess house full of love, hospitality, and encouragement, the love will be cherished and the mess will likely become a faded memory.

But there’s no need to choose – you can work on both your attitude and your house to provide a clean home as well as a loving environment.

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10 De Clutter annually

I know the idea of de cluttering annually sounds crazy at first, but just hear me out on this. We live in our homes, and especially if there are children in the house, there’s a steady stream of Christmas presents, birthday presents, Easter baskets, school projects and every day clutter that comes with it.

So once a year, take a few days (or weeks) and really focus on thoroughly de cluttering your entire house from top to bottom. Out of all the things on this list, de cluttering annually has by far had the biggest, most positive impact for my family.

Do you ever wonder why you can’t make your organizing systems work? Read why and what to do in this post.

Bonus tip: Spend tons of time outside.

Completing chores first thing in the morning, then spending the rest of the day outside is a little trick I learned when I was a teenager and earning babysitting money. The kids had a blast, the adults were happy because their house was clean, and I was happy because someone was actually paying me money to play outside all day.

Doing this with my own kids keep everyone smiling, the house in great shape, and bed time a breeze because they’re so tired they fall alseep in two 2nds. WIN!!

Why I have to run my dishwasher every single night!

I’ve mentioned to a few people that I run the dishwasher every night, and empty it every morning.

They think its strange not to just wait until it “needs it”.

They don’t understand because they’re normal.

I’m not!

I have to make myself run it every night for two reasons.

First, by running it every night, I’m able to empty it first thing in the morning, leaving myself no excuses to let dirty dishes pile up in the sink all day long because there’s no room in the dish washer. Or, if I run it randomly during the day, I may or may not have the time (or the occurrence of of thought) to empty it, leaving me in basically the same situation. Second, if it isn’t a non negotiable for me, I tend to assume that there aren’t enough dishes to fill it, and so I don’t bother to put the dirty dishes from the counter, or the table, or the computer desk, or the coffee table in it. And generally, I’m wrong.

Knowing that have to run it every single night (because I’m a slob, and I’m compensating for how my slob brain works) means that I go gather up every dish in the house in an attempt to fill it full. Generally, I do fill it full. Since we don’t use paper plates anymore, and as a germaphobe. I don’t like to drink out of a cup if I can’t remember for sure if it was mine… We have lots of dishes at the end of the day. There’s also enough room for the bigger stuff that I used to hand wash because the dishwasher was completely full with cups or plates.

Occasionally there are days when it isn’t full, and generally that’s when we’ve been gone. If that’s truly the case after every last dish has been gathered, and I can justify that the next day won’t bring an overabundance of dishes, I won’t run it. But I can only make this decision after I have made every attempt to get it full. And at that point, at least there are no dirty dishes laying around.

9 reasons you fear de cluttering clothes (and how to get past it).

In this post we’ll discuss nine reasons why so many of us fear decluttering clothes. To successfully de clutter your wardrobe, it’s imperative to recognize many of the seemingly logical excuses we make are actually based on fear.

It’s harder to de clutter clothes, so we’ll also talk about mind set shifts and strategies you can practice to conquer your fears about getting rid of clothes you don’t wear.

This post may contain affiliate links. I can make money if you make a purchase after clicking on one of my links.

These are part of my essential de cluttering tips to help you enjoy a clutter free home and life whether you struggle with one of all of these issues, I know you can reach your goal of a de cluttered and amazing wardrobe.

There is some tough love in the post… Please understand that it comes from a place of wanting you to be happy and comfortable with your home.

Ready to stop feeling like a clothes hoarder and end the fear of de cluttering your clothes? Keep reading…

How to recognize that you fear de cluttering clothing.

The first obstacle many face when learning how to de clutter your wardrobe is thinking it’s necessary to keep everything. We may not recognize this fear, but that’s what it is.

We often phrase this fear in a way that gives us a logical – sounding reason to keep too may clothes.

But in the end, fear is just an excuse. Which is awesome because it means you can find even better reasons to get rid of clothing you don’t need.

Here are some of the fears I and many others have worked through, along with some tips to help you stop making excuses due to fear.

1 What if I de clutter too many clothes?

Are you afraid you’ll de clutter so much that you wont be able to assemble complete outfits?

The odds of that happening are so low that you really shouldn’t worry about it. If you managed to dress yourself daily now, and you don’t wear everything you own, then you have nothing to worry about.

Besides, after you declutter, you will still have at least a base wardrobe. Many people call this a capsule wardrobe and find it makes creating a variety of outfits easier than when trying to work with an overwhelming wardrobe.

Try this:

  • Store half of your current season clothes in covered bins.
  • Put the bins somewhere you wont see them everyday. If you don’t have the space for bins, store them in zippered bags under your bed.
  • Then, just see how it goes for two months. Set a reminder on your phone or in your planner to do a wardrobe review.
  • Did you miss anything? Did you forget about those clothes you didn’t wear?
  • If you didn’t miss anything, pack those bins in your vehicle and drop them off at a donation center. Don’t even open them, just let them go.
  • Do this every season for a year.

2 I’ll be sad if my closet isn’t full.

This fear is so powerful. Triggered by our need to fill and desire to exceed the basic necessities of life, we start to equate a smaller wardrobe with an empty closet. We confuse it with lack, poverty, and failure.

Turn that thinking on its head:

  • Rejoice because you can find all your clothes which means you are successful at organizing.
  • Everything works together… or works on its own because it’s an amazing piece. This means you continue to provide well for your self.
  • Your clothes have room to breathe, so they will be less wrinkled and require less preparation time before wearing. You care for yourself and your possessions admirably.

3 My clothes are my identity. Getting rid of them would be like losing part of myself.

No, a wardrobe is simply a collection of inanimate objects.

Keeping the best of your clothes is making a positive choice. And when you keep and wear only the clothes that make you feel amazing, it means you’re not afraid to be your very best self all the time.

Or – a related fear – you just know people would talk about you… how you used to dress so well, but obviously now you can’t afford a decent wardrobe.

Well, first of all, most people really wont notice. We’re all naturally less observant of what others wear then ourselves. So, stop letting that concern you.

Second, if you have friends like that, it may be time to expand your circle to include people who really care about you and don’t gossip. I know, not exactly the point here… but not all of our decluttering is about physical objects.

4 What if I have to go back to work.

Maybe you successfully work from home right now, but in the back of your mind lives the niggling worry that something will happen and you will have to get a “real” job again.

So you hold onto your old work clothes, because you want to be ready just in case.

Plus the idea of replacing those expensive work clothes makes you cringe.

Been there, felt that. This ones very personal. Guess what I kept in my closet for two years after I quit a job which I knew I would never return? Yep, work clothes that I had no other reason to wear.

Here are some things to consider.

  • If you do decide to return to work outside the home, wearing newer clothes that are more stylish will give you a confidence boost.
  • Your old work clothes may not be appropriate for a new work position.
  • Most importantly, hanging on to those clothes is a limiting belief. You’re telling yourself that you don’t truly believe in your abilities or your decisions to work from home.
  • Let go of the old clothes, let go of the doubt, and go all in on your belief in yourself.
  • If you want to move forward in your business – and your life – you have to release things from the past. That includes the clothes that represent the old work you – you aren’t that person now. You’ve moved on.

Try this:

Keep a few things from your previous professional work wardrobe that are comfortable to wear and make you feel confident and productive. Then, wear those clothes even when you’re working from home and nobody can see you.

Don’t worry about wrecking them. You weren’t wearing them anyway, so what would it matter. You just may boost your productivity and your business. If the clothes don’t help and you don’t love them, then its truly better to let those clothes go completly.

5 I have a hard time finding clothes that fit.

For many of us, shopping is difficult because stores carry limited sizes, and anything outside that selection is hard to find and often expensive. We feel like we have to keep everything even if it’s not particularly comfortable or we don’t really like it much.

A couple things to try.

  • From your closet, pull out the things you like and fit us. The ones you wear all the time. See how many outfits you can make from those. It’s likely you really do have enough clothing you love and you can just let the other things go.
  • If you have a difficult time finding clothes in brick and mortar stores, check online. If you have a Amazon Prime membership, you can often purchase clothing with free prime shipping. Also check the description because many companies also offer free return shipping when you buy through Amazon. It’s a good way to try on clothing with out as much frustration.

So don’t be afraid to get rid of those things that aren’t you… That aren’t comfortable… that don’t make you feel good when your wearing them. A good base wardrobe means it’s simpler to plan outfits and keep track of your stuff.

6. Shopping is overwhelming.

Oh, I hear you! Even when most stores carry your size, simply finding them can feel an immense effort.

Walking into a store and seeing so many options that you forget what you needed to purchase, searching through racks and racks of clothes just to find a few things that you like.

Then, finally you try them on only to discover they look weird. Or suddenly you realize they wont work with anything you already have.

You end up keeping all of your old unworn and unloved clothes simply because you already have them and it makes you feel like you don’t have to search for anything new.

Once again, online shopping is your friend. It might take a while to find a store that caters to your personal style with clothes that fit and make you feel amazing, but once you do, sign up for their email list and periodically browse their site.

It’s so much less overwhelming than shopping in person and you’ll often end up with clothes that are more unique than what everyone else is wearing.

In the mean time, slowly weed out the clothes you’ve hung onto and either never worn or that don’t work with your favorites. Keeping them isn’t helping you or preventing the need to occasionally have to replace your favorite items.

7. What if I gain or lose weight?

I often hear people say something like “my weight fluctuates so regularly that I have to keep all the things”

I can understand that. I’ve been there.

But I would suggest just keeping only one or two outfits in one size higher and lower than where you are now.

What ever size you’re in right now is probably the one you wear most often, so just go with it and build your wardrobe around that base.

Then consider… What can you do to stay in one size clothing? Some of that is personal health choices, some if it can feel out of control.

For now, work with your body. Keep clothes that have a little bit of give, some stretch, ect. Use your current accessories to help you feel more stylish in your outfits even if they don’t fit perfectly.

If you are a large size right now and your hoping that your going to reduce 5 sizes into things your still keeping from years ago, you really need to let all of those very tiny clothes go.

Realistically, it will take a while to lose enough weight to change that many sizes. Plus, something you can look forward to… clothing in those smaller sizes will be easier to find when the time comes.

If your afraid your going to gain 10 or 20 pounds because that’s been your history… what can you do to prevent that?

Dress for the person you are today. You’ll be happier because you wont have to face negative reminders every time you open your closet.

You might be surprised that it’s easier to stay one size if you don’t have so many “just in case pieces” on hand.

8. Everyone saves their special clothing.

No, many people don’t. That statement in your head is simply more flawed thinking.

Keeping all those old clothes for the memories is doing you no good at all. How often do you pull them out to help you remember events from your past?

Probably never.

As an example, here is how I learned that lesson.

I saved my wedding dress, high school graduation dress, and several other “special pieces” for many years through several moves. I don’t recall ever pulling those things out to look at, only packing them up to move.

Then we had an incident with one of out pets. My special clothes were ruined and discarded. I definitely shed some tears.

But, most importantly, I made a discovery… I didn’t actually need these clothes to remember those events. It kind of blew my mind, but it was also incredibly liberating.

Try this.

Pull out some of the memory clothes you have been saving. Take a picture. cut a swatch of fabric, if you enjoy the texture, make a scrap book or quilt.

Keep the memories, let the clothing go.

9. What if I make a mistake when decluttering my clothes?

At the root of everything, this is our biggest fear. It encompasses everything I’ve already talked about in this post.

Some where deep inside, we’re sure that we’ll regret our decisions. Or tat we’ll accidently give away our all time favorite piece of clothing.

Try this:

Trust yourself and trust the decluttering process.

People who have been right where you are now have been successfully decluttering their clothing every single day with out regrets or mistakes. Believe that you can do this, because you really can.

You can read more about decluttering your wardrobe with these 3 posts as well.

3 clues that an item of clothing is clutter.

De cluttering clothes? Or… trying to declutter clothes? Over whelmed because you have a hard time identifying which pieces are clutter?

I feel your pain, clothing seems to multiply when I’m not looking, and de cluttering clothes is a constant battle in our home. While a big purge is awesome, there are clues I find on an on going basis that help me stick things straight into the donate box.

This post contains affiliate links. I can make money if you make a purchase after clicking on one of my links.

Clue #1: It’s in the dirty clothes (again), but it’s clean (again).

This is a common frustration for moms. I roll my eyes and think unkind thoughts when it happens in our home. I lecture, remind, and re lecture.

And usually, after a particularly profound lecture, I run across one of my own still clean items of clothing while sorting for laundry day. UGH!

When that happens, I’m reminded that many clean things which end up in the dirty clothes pile actually need to be De cluttered. Usually they are there because I thought about wearing them but changed my mind. I might even have tried them on.

The beauty of de cluttering these clothes is that they can never end up clean, but in the hamper again, once they are gone.

Yay for that!

Clue #2: They are at the bottom of a drawer that wont close.

I put away clean clothes and the drawer wont shut. Instead of throwing my hands in the air at the pointlessness of even trying to do the right thing (right thing = putting clothes away), I take a look at the clothes in the bottom of the drawer.

The ones I’m putting away are ones we’ve recently worn. We like those. If the ones in the bottom of the drawer have been there a while, we haven’t worn them.

Which means we don’t like them as much as the ones we’ve worn. Clothes we wear deserve drawer space more than clothes we haven’t worn.

Clue #3: There’s a dust line on the shoulder.

This is hanging – clothes specific. And a little embarassing.

If a closet is over stuffed and I know we need to purge, I look for clothing with dust on the hangers line.

We haven’t worn those items in the amount of time that it takes for dust to become visible on them. This isn’t a perfect or thorough strategy. Its simply a clue to help me yank out some easy stuff and get on decluttering clothing.

Getting going cures de cluttering paralysis, and even if I stop after I remove the dusty shouldered items, we have less then we did before.

And less is good.

If you get through these clues and still need some help maintaining, check out this post!

7 simple tricks that will make you love your home.

There is little worse than walking into your home and feeling stressed out and over whelmed. You want to love your home but, all you see is a chaotic mess.

Let me tell you I’ve been there. For 20 + years, we’ve lived in a pretty tiny home of less than 900 square feet. When the kids were little it was hard not to feel like there were toys and clutter everywhere, even though I did my best to keep it at a minimum. Any time family came to stay, there was always the comment about how tiny out house was, only adding to the discontentment.

We often thought about adding on, but it made no sense financially. At the same time, I knew that the environment in our home generally effects everything else. You see, if you don’t love your home it’s going to reflect itself in the rest of your life.

It was easy to see that when ever I allowed my house to get out of control I was much more likely to snap at my family and be easily irritated. Plus, I found it so hard to just sit down and relax. Its hard not to allow discontentment to show itself in your general attitude.

So if you’re like me, and want to love your home again, then its time to get intentional.

Start by being clear on what you want from your home. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should be a reflection of you and a place that inspires you.

In addition, it’s important for your home to be a refuge where everyone feels safe and cozy. I also want my family to feel relieved to be home when they walk in the door. Ultimately home is the place I want everyone to feel at peace.

To achieve these tings, there is no need to wait for your “dream home” There are things you can do right now to be intentional and love your home.

The best part, loving your home isn’t about making big changes: Its about learning to appreciate the little things.

By making a few simple changes I was able to change the entire atmosphere of my home and most importantly my attitude and mood.

So are you ready to rekindle your love affair with your home? There are 7 simple tricks that will make you love your home again.

This post contains affiliate links. I can make money if you make a purchase after clicking on one of my links.

1 Have a clear and organized space.

It is so true that a cluttered space creates a cluttered mind. In turn, a cluttered mind leads to overwhelm and stress. If your feeling over whelmed and stressed there is no way your going to feel at peace and love your home.

Studies have shown that a clear organized room is actually good for your. Instead of feeling discontentment, it creates a feeling of satisfaction. When you keep things clear and organized, the feeling of your home becomes restorative and restful. On the other hand, a space filled with clutter and unfinished products actually creates depression and fatigue.

To truly love your home take the time to clear your space. Here are a few simple ways to keep your home clean and orgainized.

A: Make your bed every day.

There are so many benefits to making your bed everyday. But, with out a doubt, the greatest benefit is no matter what, at least one room will feel clean.

B: Limit your laundry.

I can’t tell you how many times I would have my kiddos come to me, “hey mom! I have no socks or undies” UHG, I would get theirs done, and mine would pile up.

Honestly, laundry was always one of the hardest areas for me before I started paring down my wardrobe. To be completely truthful, I love clothes and I’ll probably never have a minimalist wardrobe. But as I have worked on downsizing and building a capsule wardrobe my laundry load has definitely lightened.

I have a bunch of tips included in this post to help you keep up with your laundry.

It is very rare that my laundry piles up. Because it takes me so much less time to fold and put my clothes away its become a no biggy to do laundry.

While my family generally still has the same amount of clothing, lessening mine has been incredible.

C: De Clutter

Plain and simple, clutter equals stress. Lets be real, nobody walks into a cluttered space and feels a sudden sense of relaxation and peace.

If you really want to love your home, you MUST clear the clutter. I realize that if you have alot of clutter this is not an easy task. But I have a ton of help for you on this. You can find links below to my many decluttering post.

D: Keep your space clear.

As I mentioned above, for the past 20 something years I have lived with my boyfriend and all of our kids and pets in a small 1300 square foot home. Trust me, at various points we have used every square inch of our little space.

But here’s the thing, creating clear areas of floor space made a dramatic difference of cleanliness and order in my home. This simple adjustment made the entire house feel less cluttered and less over whelming.

You really don’t have to have hours of free time to maintain a clear and organized space.

2 Use home decor colors that make you happy.

We’ve already talked about the impact our environment has on our mood. This include the colors in our home.

According to an article in country living “the five paint colors that will make you happy” the shade of paint on your walls can bring you down, help you relax, even suppress your appetite. Amongst a number of other feelings.

For me personally, warmer neutral tons are what helps relax me and love being home. I’m just naturally drawn to warm tones. When ever I’m pursuing pintrest or scanning a decor magazine, I’m always drawn to the photos of those gorgeous rooms with pops of color from natural plants to throw rugs.

So when your looking to love your home again, focus on how you feel around certain colors and how you can incorporate them into your home. Go to pinterest or pick up a decor magazine and pay attention to what colors catch your eye, then start adding them to your home.

You don’t need to redo everything or break the budget. You can pick up some throw pillows or cozy couch throw from Amazon pretty cheap.

The point is to incorporate those colors that make you feel happy and at peace. As you do, you will love your home again.

3 Bring a little nature indoors.

Haven’t you noticed how simple little tings like fresh cut flowers or new plants can brighten your day?

Not only has it been shown that these can benefit your physical health, but simply seeing a plant subconsiously makes you feel calm and relaxed.

Flowers and plants have an immediate impact on happiness! Adding a few plants or fresh flowers is such a simple and fun way to love your home.

4 Display framed inspirational words and quotes.

We know our environment impacts our moods because we’re taking in what we see. So it only makes sense to fill our home with things that evoke a positive emotion.

Words are so powerful, in fact, they are the most powerful thing in the universe. With words, the entire universe was created.

The words we speak not just to others but to ourselves are hugely impactful. Because words matter, displaying your favorite inspirational quote creates an atmosphere that inspires you to be your best.

5 Let the light shine in.

During the day time hours make sure you regularly open curtains and windows and doors. Natural light is a natural mood lifer and so is fresh air.

Make your home a place you love. Let the light shine in.

6 Remove things that don’t make you happy.

If theres one thing in your life you should NOT make room for is its negativity. So why would you want to keep things in your home or life, that doesn’t make you happy.

To love your home, keep only those things that you love or are truly useful. Remove everything else.

I’m not talking about general de cluttering here or Marie Kono sparking joy. I’m talking about things like that incredibly ugly but expensive vase great Aunt Jenny gave you. You know that every time you see it, you want to get rid of it, but you feel too guilty. Honestly, it’s time you give it up. Your home should be a place of comfort and joy, not guilt! This is a great post if you struggle with emotional clutter.

7 Create a beautiful ambience.

We’ve already talked alot about the impact our physical environment has on our mental state and our emotions. In light of this, it’s evident that creating a beautiful ambience can help you love your home.

You can do this so easily by adding some soft lighting. I love my salt lamp and diffuser for creating a soft glow. Add a few candles and you’ll instantly create a beautiful ambience in your home. Candles have the added benefit of infusing a fresh clean scent.

The right lighting naturally adds a feeling of comfort and a cozy warmth.

You deserve to love your home! Take some time to de clutter, clean and organize. Add a few decor items with color that makes you happy. Mix in a few plants or fresh flowers and hang those inspiring words. Once you’re done, pour yourself some tea and set back and enjoy the home you love!

How to quickly declutter your closet: 5 easy steps.

If you’ve struggled in the past to de clutter your closet, you’ll want to try these easy doable steps.

It doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. And it wont take you all day.

I’ll walk you through 5 easy steps that will help you de clutter your wardrobe in as little as 15-20 minutes. Really!

Getting your home de cluttered is about consistent progress. It isn’t about perfection. Progress is not perfection.

The same thing applies to your wardrobe.

So don’t worry about completely overhauling your closet and creating the perfect capsule wardrobe right this minute. (unless you have the time, energy, and motivation to do just that).

5 steps. 15 minutes. You can do this!

This post contains affiliate links. I can make money if you make a purchase after clicking on one of my links.

How to de clutter your closet.

Before you get started, grab 3 large bags: One for donations and two for items you will remove from your closet for now. I like to use white trash bags that I can label with a permanent marker.

Don’t get hung up on difficult to get rid of pieces. If there are clothes that you never wear, but that you are not ready to get rid of, put them in a “maybe” bag for now. You can reconsider them down the road and de clutter your closet today.

work quickly.

1 Quickly remove everything you ready to donate.

3-5 minutes

This can include: clothes that don’t fit, that you don’t like, and/or that you never wear anymore. Put these items in your donation bag.

Work quickly! This is your first pass through. Only pull out the things you definitely want to de clutter. We’ll get to the harder stuff in a few minutes.

2 Pull out clothes that don’t fit right now, even if you are not ready to part with them.

3-5 minutes

Try to keep only a small number of clothes that don’t fit, favorites only, especially if these clothes haven’t fit for a while.

Don’t get hung up here. If you are struggling to let something go, just keep it for now.

I know this isn’t advice you normally hear, but I want you to make progress quickly today.

Progress, not perfection, remember? When you look through this bag of clothes that don’t fit i n 3 or 6 months from now, you may be ready to get rid of more at this point.

Put these clothes that don’t fit, but you want to keep for now, in the second bag, label the bag.