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3 clues that an item of clothing is clutter.

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De cluttering clothes? Or… trying to declutter clothes? Over whelmed because you have a hard time identifying which pieces are clutter?

I feel your pain, clothing seems to multiply when I’m not looking, and de cluttering clothes is a constant battle in our home. While a big purge is awesome, there are clues I find on an on going basis that help me stick things straight into the donate box.

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Clue #1: It’s in the dirty clothes (again), but it’s clean (again).

This is a common frustration for moms. I roll my eyes and think unkind thoughts when it happens in our home. I lecture, remind, and re lecture.

And usually, after a particularly profound lecture, I run across one of my own still clean items of clothing while sorting for laundry day. UGH!

When that happens, I’m reminded that many clean things which end up in the dirty clothes pile actually need to be De cluttered. Usually they are there because I thought about wearing them but changed my mind. I might even have tried them on.

The beauty of de cluttering these clothes is that they can never end up clean, but in the hamper again, once they are gone.

Yay for that!

Clue #2: They are at the bottom of a drawer that wont close.

I put away clean clothes and the drawer wont shut. Instead of throwing my hands in the air at the pointlessness of even trying to do the right thing (right thing = putting clothes away), I take a look at the clothes in the bottom of the drawer.

The ones I’m putting away are ones we’ve recently worn. We like those. If the ones in the bottom of the drawer have been there a while, we haven’t worn them.

Which means we don’t like them as much as the ones we’ve worn. Clothes we wear deserve drawer space more than clothes we haven’t worn.

Clue #3: There’s a dust line on the shoulder.

This is hanging – clothes specific. And a little embarassing.

If a closet is over stuffed and I know we need to purge, I look for clothing with dust on the hangers line.

We haven’t worn those items in the amount of time that it takes for dust to become visible on them. This isn’t a perfect or thorough strategy. Its simply a clue to help me yank out some easy stuff and get on decluttering clothing.

Getting going cures de cluttering paralysis, and even if I stop after I remove the dusty shouldered items, we have less then we did before.

And less is good.

If you get through these clues and still need some help maintaining, check out this post!

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