A day in the Life

Welcome back!

Its been said, that the week after Christmas is the biggest organizing week of the year. Although, I do believe that it is carried out through the entire month. At least for me, because doing one space tends to make a ripple affect for me.

So, here is a bit of cleaning motivation ideas. (remember, start small…So you can have achievable goals).

*Pick 3 spaces that are driving you crazy.

*When you start with these changes it can make a big impact, and a ripple effect.

You want to ask your self, how do I want to use this space?

*its the most important question because its not about new containers. Its about creating a system that repeats itself. So you save time and money.

When ever you can, get your family involved, because they are the people who are keeping up the system with you.

*Make defined sections that are easy to see and get to.

*Leave space for overflow (behind bins)

*Label, label, label.

Decluttering and organized take time. Don’t try to rush through it. It didn’t become a mess in just one day! It will not be clean in a day either. Don’t give up, and don’t be discouraged. Remember, start small. Once you see that first small space transform into something beautiful… you will want to continue. I promise!

You can always use what you already have on hand. But if your budget allows it, Dollar Tree has everything you need to organize and tidy your space.

Today is Friday… finely…. not that means anything for me. Life continues as usual, all the daily tasks that need doing, will still need doing.

But, as I sat here thinking about what to write today. This came to mind. Earlier this month I had been shopping at wal-mart. While standing in line the women in front of me were talking about how when their kids were younger, they never had money. (I could relate).

The conversation went on to taking care of everyone before ourselves. (I could relate again). As one woman joked about the kids always having socks and underware, but her’s usually had holes in them.

That’s what we do as mom’s. We do for everyone else before we think about ourselves. Like I mentioned last week, proving our worth, by doing more than our share.

I’ve challenged myself this year to stop neglecting myself. I find when I take time to do what I want, I have more of myself to give to my family.

I’ve committed to taking just 1 hour each morning that’s all about me. Recharge my soul. It makes all the difference in my mental health.

Life is too short to spend it giving and giving. We need to remember to take care of ourselves, including our mental well being.

It doesn’t mean you aren’t a good parent. You just know that the break from being a parent and focusing on your self can make you a better one!

Hi Friends! Last week, during Christmas vacation, my boyfriends kids were here to visit. All 3 are teenagers, in various stages of teen life. My own son included, which makes 4 teenagers under one roof! Wow! And mostly its not all bad… they are a pretty good bunch of kids, and get along well for the most part, (they are teens lol). But, they are alot of work!

Each time they are here to visit, I strive to be my best for them, because, that’s just how I am. All through the week, I find I need to remind myself that I do not have to go above and beyond. Its not that I am trying to impress, but rather hopefully make they stay comfortable and fun. But I end up feeling exhausted and under appreciated every time.

This time, after they had left, and had a day to calm down. I did a little research. I found a few points that actually made me feel better. I want to share those with you now!

I prove my worth to people by doing more than my fair share!

I don’t have an ambition problem… I just feel that is my job to…

  • wash the clothes, and put away
  • cook all meals
  • plan activities
  • and help make sure they have any necessary Items.

But, I need to keep in mind…

Everyone else’s time is just as important as mine!

*others can have chores to do no matter what! And this is the all time big one. Since 3 of those kids seem to think that coming to dads house is a vacation, and there for, should not have chores.

*The things we do for others, does me a favor… and will help them to see me more positively.

*If I start them with a small task or two until they perfect it, it wont seem so bad next time. ( I hope)

If I just set the example… teach them to know what is expected. I think I can get ahead of the game, and save everyone a ton of stress. Can’t wait to try these ideas out.