Day in the life.

Half time (and it has nothing to do with foot ball).

June 25, 2022


With so much going on lately, the time I’ve had to focus on things that need to get done has been much less than it normaly is.

I find this in so many different things, including work.

While I live in the US, I’m pretty sure I’ve read about how in other countries there’s a mandatory nap period or something built right into the work day. And what they’ve found is that people are actually more productive then they would be with out that time off in spite of the work day being shorter.

I couldn’t agree more.

I’ve even heard of some work at homeentrepreneurs who take like a 10-15 minute power nap and swear by its effectiveness.

I’ve often thought of giving this a try – if I do, I’ll report my findings to you.

That said, I’ve got an experiment for you to try.

Tomorrow, give yourself about half the time to complete a task as you think you’ll need to complete it.

Then, set a timer and get to work.

Here’s how I did this today.

I needed to clean (as in do a small clean up – declutter first). in my office, and then mop the floors.

I gave myself 30 minutes to get the task done in about 25 minutes despite the fact that I figured it would take me a good hour.

Cutting the time in half was the key factor.

After all, whats better than less time spent cleaning and de cluttering.

I even had time to make some more of my all purpose cleaner and give the cupboards a good wipe down, which is something I planned on doing tomorrow.

Try giving yourself half the time and see how much you can get done.

Clutter truth #3

June 16, 2022

Hey Friends!

Today we’re touching on a concept we’ve talked about before. But it’s a concept that is so essential it’s worth repeating.

Clutter truth#3: Clutter is about much more than stuff.

The thing is, clutter isn’t just about the stuff that is clogging up your home collecting on your dinning room table, or stacked in the corners of your bedroom.

Clutter also spills over into the other areas of your life as well. Your clutter is affecting other things in your life… and not in a good way.

When your clutter is out of control, other areas in your life are likely out of control, too. This could be things like your diet, your lack of exercize, your patients level (or lack there of) your finaces, and so much more.

If you struggle with all these things and many more as well.

The best news is that the inverse is also true.

When you start getting a handle on your clutter, its also going to be easier to take back control in these other areas of your life.

That’s right – getting rid of the clutter in your home may very well make it easier to get rid of some of those pounds that are cluttering your waist line.

Your clutter isn’t about too much stuff. Your clutter is also about so many other areas in your life.

That’s clutter truth #3.

Have you heard this term?

June 12, 2022


I heard a term the other day and I’m wondering if you’ve heard it.

I generally don’t pay much attention to the new slang of the words, but this one caught my attention because it references something that I find particularly annoying in my life.

I’ll actually described a scene first. Note: this isn’t something that has actually happened to me, but I share this illustration because it is something that could totally happen to me and probably to you too.

Here’s the scene.

You finally found an evening that both you and a friend you’ve been trying to reconnect with forever.

Between your schedule and her’s, it’s nearly impossible to make anything work.

But, you’re sitting in a resturaunt for dinner, so excited to catch up on the past few months when it happens.

She has a ping or a ding sound from her purse so she pulls out her cell phone.

She unlocks her phone and answers a quick text about her kids back home. And then she does it.

She clicks somewhere else and then you can see that she’s scrolling and scrolling.

Suddenly, there is someone else at your table, and that happens to be whomever is captivating her attention on her phone.

In this scenario, you’ve just been phubed

This is a term that means the same as being snubbed, but it relates to the electronic gadget.

Personally I’m glad there is an actual term for this since this is one of my own pet peeves. And, have a very firm “no electronics” at the table policy that sometimes people in my family forget about.

Now I can explain what they’re actually doing, and more importantly, how it feels when it happens to you. Maybe you’ll find this term useful to know too.

What to do next.

June 2, 2022

Hi There friend!

We’re picking up where we left off last night.

Grab new paper again. This time write out what your deepest fear is with each choce. Again, set these aside.

Ask yourself questions. On paper again a new piece for each choice. Ask yourself this question, “if I say no to this choice, can I live with myself?”

Set them aside.

Ask the opposite, now ask yourself the opposite question,”if I say yest to this choice, can I live with myself?”

These two questions are often quite telling as to what you should do.

Now sort your papers. Put each paper that is relevant to each choice in a group. That way you will have four papers in each group, one for each question listed above.

Read through them. Often times I don’t see a clear cut answer, but I can throw out some of the choices after having worked through all these questions, Many times, I am left with only two choices.

In the case of only having two choices you may see the best choiceemerge as a result of these questions.

If so, you are done.

If not, move on to this one last step.

Ask yourself how you can overcome the worst case scenario you wrote down for each of your remaining questions.

This is huge.

If we take the time to solve the situation for the worst case scenario ahead of time, the fear we often feel becomes minimal or disappears entirely.

Then, you just have to choose.

After all this work, what is the best choice for you? After all, chances are you’ll still have to pick one.

And, to great extent, you can make the choice with out much fear because you’ve already thought through how to over come the challenge that couold come as a result.

When doing the right thing is hard.

May 19, 2022

Happy Thursday!

Doing the right thing can be so hard sometimes. And, what’s “right” isn’t always so clear.

Because life is hard and sometimes it’s even harder to do the right thing.

Rather than put all my laundry away today, I put loads and more loads of the older girls laundry away because my older girls get completely overwhelmed with large tasks to the point of being paralyzed to do anything.

And they let their clean laundry pile up until it’s a large problem.

And although I have been begging them for days, maybe even weeks for some of it, to take care of their laundry, the paralysis continues. And the clean laundry sits.

But, since I know they are simply paralyzed at the enormity of the tasks, I spent close to 2 hrs putting their laundry away and cleaning their room.

These things are their responsibility.

But, life is hard.

And life is messy.

Even for others around us (just as it is for us).

So sometime, rather than take care of our own stuff and do our best to force others to do whats right, we take care of others stuff.

While our own stuff sits undone. Yet again.

Because this is what life is, isn’t it?

Life is often setting aside what we should do for ourselves to do for others instead.

Because that’s just what the right thing to do happens to be in that moment.

The most important benefit.

May 12, 2022


Last night I shared a bit about an evening routine – why I love them and what the benefits are. But, tonight I’ll share what I think the most important benefits is.

Ready to hear what it is?

It’s a bed time. A fixed bed time.

Bed times shouldn’t be just for kids. And, your bed time shouldn’t be based on when you get certain tasks done. I know it is tempting, but an actual fixed bed time is the best way to have better evenings, and better morning.

After all, how can you expect to get up on time, if you haven’t gone to bed on time the night before?

This is a concept that we expand on more deeply. But for most overwhelmed women, bed time is based on tasks, and when they are completed. But my challenge to you is to create a timed based bed time.


May 5, 2022


As a type A perfectionist, I have had to learn how to manage life while putting these natural tendencies aside much of the times.

I’ve learned that the busier my life gets, the less I get to make the rules. Well, I do get to make the rules, but I have to learn how to make those rules flexible.

Here’s what I mean.

Also, as my life has gotten busier, the more I’ve learned to appreciate the game plan. Every month every week ever day every time block has to start with a plan (basically the rule)

And then, I’ve had to learn to be flexible with the game plan. This means fluid, this means adaptable, this means being able to make changes to the plan on the fly… and this means learning to embrace compromise.

With so many people counting on me for so many things, I’ve had to learn to operate with in the constraights of what life throws at me most days.

Here’s the perfect example of one way I do that.

In my perfect world I would always to go to bed at the same time. That way I could always get up at the same time.

But life doesn’t work that way since now I’ve got so many older kids who I enjoy spending time with… but since they are gone much of the day every day we’re left to spend time together at night.

And sometimes this means later at night than I would like… or that would allow me to get to bed on time.

I can make the on time happen some of the time, but not all.

Some times this means that I’m just getting less sleep to accomodate for the late night conversations and sometimes this means I’m just not able to get up as early in the morning as I should .

Since my tendency is to beat myself up for not getting up on time every morning. I also recognize that I’m human and can only get by on next to no sleep for so long.

So I made a compromise. And it has been so freeing.

My compromise is that 3 mornings a week I get up and go to the gym first thing no matter how little I sleep (I have reasons for this) This means on these 3 days my day starts and never slows down.

This also means that 2 days a week my mornings can start slower because I’m not going some where right away. I have worked my schedule out so I can sleep a bit longer if I’ve been up latter and gotten less sleep.

Doing this has given me the freedom to:

Only have to push myself 3 days a week.

Dump the guilt for not getting up on time.

Give myself permission to not be perfect.

But fully be present for my family even more.

What life looked like before this compromise was being frustrated when I didn’t have enough time or being down right exhausted all the time.

The compromise is a fairly small one, but I’ve learned that life doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Perfectionism doesn’t make you perfect, it makes you feel inadequate.

When your mistreated by others.

April 30, 2022

Hi there friend!

Something I’ve I had to remind myself of repeatedly lately is the need to remember that when it comes to being mistreated by others, there are some universal truths that are always true.

Whether your being falsely accused, misunderstood, judged, or just spoken to unkindly, here’s what is helpful to keep in mind.

It’s almost always about them, not you. We all have battles, don’t we? We all have struggles, let downs, challenges, and more. And some times these are the driver behind how we treat others. So if you’re on the receiving end, it’s helpful to remember that often times when someone lashes out at you its about them, not you.

Relationships are hard. There are so many different variables that come into play when it comes to the relationships we have with others. It’s hard to love others unconditionally (there are times that this shouldn’t be done, however). It’s hard to be kind when you’ve been mistreated, and it’s hard to be in a relationship that feels one sided and unfair. But, keeping in mind that relationships with other people are hard can help bring in some much needed perspective.

You only need answers for you. When others treat you wrong, that’s on them. And sometimes like today the only thing I can do is remind myself that I don’t have to answer for the other person when they are treating me in a way that I know isn’t right. Sometimes this is truly the only thing that can help me move forward.

I wish we lived in a world where hurts, mistreatments, abuse, and all the like didn’t happen. But keeping these things in mind might help you process when the mistreatment comes your way.

Whats next?

April 20, 2022

Hi There friend!

Have you ever found yourself saying “well, that didn’t work” or “what about”, well that didn’t go as planned.

If your like me, you likely find yourself saying things like this alot.


It’s what you say that really matters.

Here’s what I would suggest.

Whats next?

In almost all cases, the answer to that question will be the same.

Plan B

It was my savior yesterday. We all need a plan B.

Just to clarify, Plan B is what You do after plan A fails.

When things don’t go according to plan (and how often does this happen)? Plan B is the next best thing. But, coming up with a new plan isn’t always so easy.

But, here’s why its so helpful to come up with a plan B… because it keeps you from wanting to just thrown in the towel. Its what keeps you from wanting to hide in the closet and just be done with the day.

When you have a plan B you can move from:

Urgency/everything falling apart- to perspective- to knowing how to pivot into the next best thing.

In most cases, what ever didn’t go well feels like its the end of the world. It feels like what ever it is, is a much bigger deal than it likely is in reality. But, its hard to remember that in the moment. Its hard to set the feelings of despair aside sometimes to be able to see through the fog ad figure out what is your next best move.

But, its a skill you can learn. And as you do it more, it gets easier (like so many things do).

There’s actually a process or system for that (yes, I have a process or system for just about everything).

It looks like this:

  • Write out what your plan A was.
  • Ask yourself what changed.
  • Come up with plan B

It really is that simple. Its just 3 steps to go from the anxiety of things that went wrong to being able to pivot a new plan.

Struggle with coming up with a plan B?

Ask yourself this:

  • What’s the worst thing that can happen now that plan A has failed?
  • What can I still salvage from plan A?
  • What needs to be modified from plan A?
  • What about plan B still accomplishes the goal?

Often times, plan B isn’t really that far off from plan A, and the failure of plan A isn’t as catastrophic as it often feels in the moment. Perspective thinking about things in a new way and removing the emotion from the failure of plan A brings all these things.

So the next time tings go a little (or a lot) wonky, just ask yourself, Whats next?


April 7, 2022

Hi Friends!!

Tonight I want to share an important and often over looked concept with you… You have permission not to do things.

Most weekends finds us doing a large amount of our cleaning. We generally have more time on the weekend, and it’s also good motivation for everyone to help since we often have some fun things planned on the weekend.

Our latest is an at home escape box.

But, this weekend, want to guess how much cleaning I did?

Next to none.

And, want to guess how many feelings of failure I have with myself about that? None.

I was with my girls at a swim meet much of the day on both saturday and Sunday. I did clean my oven and stove, but other then that, I prioritized other things.

Because I had to.

Because I recognized early on that there wouldn’t be enough time to get all the normal stuff done, I knew that I had to prioritize.

Realistically there was no way to do the normal stuff, so I had to prioritize what would make the most difference to me this week.

And I knew that I needed to refuel this weekend, so I did that too.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks, and this week is going to be one crazy busy week so I knew I couldn’t skip all my weekend prep things.

Something had to give, and as much as I love a clean house that’s what had to give this weekend.

But, this week is going to go much more smoothly because I prioritized what was good for something that was more strategic.

Drop. The. Mic.


Stop expecting the hard stuff to be easy.

Drop. The. Mic.

A couple of months ago, this is what I read on the back of the T-shirt the person in front of me was wearing while I was in line.


Yet profound.

And it was the drop the mic moment for me (if your new to this phrase, it basically means it was a huge aha moment for me)

It was a huge moment for me because this is what I was honestly doing.

I was expecting the hard stuff to be easy.

Embrace the suck is another one of my favorite phrases, and I’d clung to it several times over the past years.

But this new mantra spoke more to me.

I knew things I was trying to change would be hard. Yet, I was surprised by the fact that they were… hard.

Once I totally embraced “stop expecting the hard stuff to be easy” Whenever the hard stuff was hard I just said “well, I knew that was coming”

And it made it easier to press on. Some how pushing through the hard became easier.

What is it you want to change?

What is it about you that frustrated you about you?

Change it.

And expect it to be easy.

And press on when it is.

Tough love?… Maybe… But it can’t always be easy can it?

Do your days have this?

March 19, 2022

Hi There Friend!


Do your days have this?

One of the things I love most about summer are the long days. Its amazing how much the short days just make me feel so tired and like I should be in bed by 8 simply because its been dark for so long at that point. And, I think it is so much easier to get up in the morning when its not still dark for the first few hours. I love getting up at my usual time and starting to see the first little change in hue when I look out the windows.

Early mornings are my favorite time al the time, but especially in the summer.

Today my primary project was to rearrange some of the toys we keep in bins so the fit better. Some times I initially think a set of toys will fit in a smaller bin than what the actually fir in when it comes to kids putting their now things away. I can always seem to get things to fit better then they can.

But, I’m not going to have them struggle to get things picked up simply because the bins are too small.

One of the things I find most helpful when it comes to keeping my home clean and clutter free is a willingness to recognize or resort tings in a way that could make them easier to keep cleaned up.

The way we organize tings seems to constantly evolve in my home, and I think this truly helps keep my home cleaner because solutions are only solutions for so long.

PS. Teaching you to have days that can remain fluid is one of my primary missions.

Do you have one of these?

March 11, 2022

Hi there friend!

While we take care of much of our cleaning on the weekend, we do our best to keep up on things during the week in our hot spot areas. Since I find that keeping things relatively intact during the week gives us more free time on the weekend.

One of the things I have everyday is an evening cleaning routine. I can’t usually get to it every night, but I shoot for working through my evening routine 2 nights a week. This usually ends up being fairly doable for me. It’s all about being realistic in what you can get done.

Do you have an evening cleaning routine?

There are 5 primary areas that are part of my evening cleaning routine.


Living/family room

Bathroom (main one)

Bedrooms (this is a quick sweep)

Entry way (Stuff always gets dumped here, and all the shoes become a major tripping hazzard)

This evening routine is a quick cleaning task. I move quickly and know if I get it done even faster it’s more time I have off in the evening.

I will also say that I am not doing this alone. My kids all have part of the jobs that make up this routine

For those days when your heart is hurting.

March 4, 2022

Hi There Friends!

I was having a good day, a great day in fact with no warning of the stabbing yet familiar pain I would feel in my heart. It was a picture on facebook that triggered it. A smiling loved one having fun. Something that would normally make me happy made me so very sad at the moment.

With out warning, that place in my heart that is filled with that loved one became so very empty in that moment as I was not there to share in that happy moment that glared at me as if to mock me from the rectangular computer screen before me. My heart? It was hurting.

Has this ever happened to you? Sure , it can be triggered by something else, or nothing at all, really. But, I’m guessing that if you’ve been around for a while you have experienced the heart hurt that I’m talking about.

I will spare you the details of my experience, but I think, wait, I KNow, that there are times when our heart physically hurts. You know, those times when you feel this hole, an emptiness, a silence that echos down to the very depth of your soul – the feeling that the very wind has been sucked right out of your chest leaving you raw, reeling, and gasping for air.

There are no easy answers here, no hard and fast rules. These is only slave that can be used to patch up that hole until the next time your happiness seeps out and bleeds all over yet again.

The only solution I have found? Focusing on filling yourself with something that makes your heart happy. Focus on something that breathes encouragement, peace and love to your soul.

And then, know that tomorrow always brings a new day.

What I hate about cell phones.

February 25, 2022

Hi There!

I think technology is both a blessing and a curse. I think you might agree. As with anything, there are positives and negatives that come into our lives as a result.

Cell phones.

They are awesome right?

As a parent with older kids, I like knowing that I can keep in touch with my kids no matter where they are.

Back when I was a kid you had to find a pay phone, right?

I remember borrowing a quarter once to use the pay phone at the pool where we had swim practice to call and tell my parents they needed to come pick me up because I got sick there.

How much easier would my life have been if I had a cell phone at times like this,

It’s awesome to have a cell phone for maps, to call if you get a flat tire, and to schedule an appointment you’ve been meaning to schedule while standing in line at the bank.

What isn’t awesome is texts at certain times.

See what I mean about the blessing and a curse part?

What isn’t awesome about texts is that it allows people to assume that they can communicate with you at any moment.

Text messaging allows others to invade your life when every they want.

And this isn’t always a good thing.

While cell phones are so amazing, I think it’s easy to become a slave to everyone who wants a piece of your time – even if it’s not a time that works for you. This affects us so much more than just that moment.

For this reason, one of the best things you can do is put up some boundries about how and when people can access you on your phone.

PS: Do you find that cell phones “steal” some of your time, attention, or focus that they shouldn’t? If so, leave me a comment. (I’m thinking about sharing some tips about this if its a big enough need.

Four germ killing tips.

February 18, 2022

Hi Friends!

Cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing are different things.

Cleaning gets rid of dirt and mess. Sanitizing eliminates bacteria but not viruses, And disinfecting destroys germs. Including viruses and bacteria.

Germs are literally everywhere!

They’re inside and outside of your home and inside and outside of your body. And they’re not all the same. Bad bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa are all considered germs and take different levels of effort to destroy.

Directions aren’t suggestions.

I have to say, after much research, lysol test, and tests and tests their products against the most common and the most harmful germs to determine how to destroy them. When in doubt, read the directions on the label.

Not all surfaces are equal.

Hard non porous surfaces like your counter or door handle need a different level of care than a soft surface like your couch. Take care to know what your cleaning or disinfecting before you begin.

Is this you?

February 10, 2022

Hi There Friend!

If you have ever felt like the worst mom ever, this is for you.

I am a mom of five, so I can actually tell you a bit about being the worst mom ever.

When you think of what it looks like to be a mom… Maybe even a mom you admire, who do you picture?

Maybe you have a certain mom you know in mind.

But, you know that mom who you think has it all toether?

She’s the mom whose kids are always smiling, and when the speak they do it in that sing song voice. And, or course they never fight.

This mom is always dressed in the latest trends, yet she looks comfortable and even approachable. She’s got a warm smile, and a genuineness about her that makes you feel like she’s your long lost best friend.

Her home?

If you were to stop by at any time it would be like the latest spread from pottery barn. And she somehow manages to have the best looking display outside too.

Do you know that mom?

Then there’s you. The worst mom ever. You’d have to spend a minute thinking about the last time you took a shower. In fact, you never even got dressed today, if your being honest.

You know you’re supposed to give your kids healthy home cooked meals, but that just never happened today. You settled for the first thing that jumped out at you in the cupboard. That just happened to be the stuff that comes in the blue box.

Some days, you forget to help your first grader with their homework. Other days you just choose to forget it since you’re so tired by the time you’ve cleaned up dinner.

Your 9 yr old acts like a pre teen most days and has this attitude that has come completely out of left field. She’s even told you she hated you once, nope, twice.

You would love to have time to clean the grimy hand prints off of the front window. But you’re more than happy to call it a win when you get all the dishes put in the dish washer for the day. The nasty windows will just have to wait.

Maybe tomorrow. And then, by the time you finally got all the kids in bed the first one has already climbed out of bed for the third time to as for yet another drink.

So you snap. You find yourself screaming at your 5 yr old who got out of bed, telling him how all you want is a little piece and quiet. As you scoop him up and puthim back in bed you step on your 7 yr olds matchbox car and only come further unglued.

It’s about 2 minutes after you put your 5 yr old back in bed (in a not so gentle way) that you find yourself wishing you could just go back to the old days.

The old days when you came home after a long day at work to find the house just a you left it – nice and clean. Shortly after you arrived home your husband walked thru the door. Together you decided just to go out for dinner.

After dinner you came back home to you clean home and proceeded to get into your comfy pajamas. You curled up on the couch with the latest edition of House Beautiful while your husband sat in his chair watching sports.

The good old days.

Why can’t I just go back to the good old days?

Wait… What?!

And suddenly, the guilt comes in and you know that you are the worst mom ever. You just wished your kids away.

What’s wrong with me? Nothing. Nothing is wrong with you. Most all moms have felt like they are the worst mom ever. And, if you meet one who tells you she hasn’t, she’s lying to you.

And it’s normal to feel like the worst mom ever. And it is totally normal to reminice about the good old days when the only thing you had to worry about was where to go for dinner on date night.

Did your harsh words and your short temper make your child cry even though they didn’t do anything to warrent such treatment?

It’s going to happen. It’s going to be ok.

Let me tell you something about that mom we talked about in the beginning.

Pssst, lean in close – she doesn’t have it all together. Like you think she does.

Do you still think your the worst mom ever? I can assure you, your not.

When you feel this way, know you’re not alone and dump the guilt.

Tomorrow is a new day. Know that your kids still love you, and in most cases you haven’t done anything that will scar them for life.

Being a mom is a marathon, not a sprint, and its hard work too. And know that you don’t have to have it all together all the time (no one does)

So when you feel like the worst mom ever, remember that it’s because you love your kids that you even bothered to think such a thing.

What is it about fear?

February 3, 2021

Hi There!

Fear is a funny thing. The longer I’m alive, the more I know that what so often holds me back (and others I know) is fear.

Interestingly, it’s not always the fear of failing, although this is often the case.

There are times, however, that i find that there is actually a fear of succeeding that holds people back.

Does that sound as weird to you as it does to me?

I’m not really sure why that is. I think maybe its because even when life is hard, experiencing success still means experiencing something new, even if it is something good, which can be scary.

There is something that is so comfortable about staying in the same place, even if it’s a hard place to be in.

And I know there are times when I choose something that is comfortable over something that is better than what I currently have just because it’s familiar.

But, the thing I also know is that when I choose to ignore the fear and move forward anyway, I experience the satisfaction that comes with choosing something good in spite of the fear.

Are you feeling something new – even something good and are being held back by fear?

I encourage you to drop fear and moving forward with confidence, even if you don’t feel it.

The best things always happen when you do.

PS. Did you see my instagram stories today? These are the stories behind the craziness which is my life.

The mind set shift you want to know.

January 27, 2022

Hi There Friend!

I’ll be talking more about interruptions likely next week, since so many of you have said that interruptions are a struggle. While I talked about some solutions already, there are a few more ideas you’ll want to hear about. So make sure you’re reading my emails next week if you struggle with that.

Here are a few things to keep in mind that also might help.

What you do is largely impacted by what you feel. And it’s a repetitive cycle. What you feel greatly affects what you do and don’t do. And, the reverse is all true.

What’s your mind set? Is it a positive or negative mind set? If it’s not a positive one, it’s a negative one. And a negative mindset isn’t going to do you any favors. This is why you want to get the skills to make sure you have a positive rather then a negative mindset.

Perfection isn’t achievable. Yet, we beat ourselves up when we’re not perfect. Hear me now: You don’t need to be perfect to be successful in anything.

Less doesn’t equal more. Getting less done always equals more, in my opinion… at least as long as your doing the right things. We’re told that the more we do the better we are. Nope, nope, nope, I don’t agree, and we talk about this all the time.

These are really great things to keep in mind. Hopefully they give you a fresh perspective.

The final piece of the strategy.

January 20, 2022

Hi Friend!

These past couple of nights I’ve been sharing a strategy I use to manage interruptions better – to not let interruptions completely throw me off track. It started with a reader question on thursday night, so make sure you read both Thursday and Fridays emails.

The strategy I use looks like this.

If a task takes longer than 10 minutes to complete, I break the task down into qo minute blocks of time. I find 10 minutes is the safest bet, but in reality I may have longer than 10 minutes to work on a task before being interrupted.

Since most tasks are tasks I’ve done at least a few times before, I can pretty easily figure out 10 minute steps. If it happens to be a new task I’ve not done before, I do my best to just guess accurately.

Here’s an example.

Today I’ve got to clean out the fridge inside and out. It hasn’t got super messy, and I know there is food on there that needs to be tossed.

As you can imagine, this is a pretty big job.

So here’s how I’ve broken this task down.

  • 1. Go through the food and get rid of things – unload the rest of the fridge.
  • 2. Take out all the dirty shelves and drawers – soak them in the tub.
  • 3. Wipe down any remaining drawers or shleves.
  • 4. Wipe out the top, side, and bottom of the fridge – wipe down inside of the door.
  • 5. Wash and dry anything that is soaking – put back – load food in.

If any interruptions happen, in most cases I can at least finish the step I’m working on before breaking away.

This not only keeps me from getting off track and struggling to get back on track, but it also almost totally eliminates frustration at the interruption.

Try this technique for most of your daily tasks. How interruptions affect your day is something you can manage.

How do you manage all the interruptions?

January 13, 2022

Hi there friend!

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to easily juggle all their responsibilities? And roles while others struggle to get even one productive thing done in a day?

There’s nothing more exhausting than facing the reality of having more things to do than seems humanly possible day after day. Yet, this is the challenge that we all face in the midst of a world that only seems to be more urgent than what ever we though our day would look like.

If your like me, you start the day focused and ready to get things done (even if its just to snuggle with the kids on the couch). but are almost always faced with something ot some one else pulling you away before you can even get half way done.

I’ve got 5 kids, there is no shortage of interruptions in my life.

And the noise of all these constant demands and interruptions is so loud it feels deafening at times.

Today I’m going to share on surfire way you’ll be almost certain to get at least one important thing done each day. Once you get this one thing down, you’ll have the satisfaction of being productive with at least one thing that’s important to you everyday.

That means that if you’re a stressed out, over worked woman who feels over whelmed at the thought of getting up every day, you going to be able to wake up and not feel exhausted before your day even starts from this point forward.

My goal is to help you achieve one important thing every day, even if its just part of a task that simply can’t get done all at once.

Sound good?

PS. I’d love to know if interruptions, or getting off course is a struggle for you? If yes, please reply to this with a yes in the comment section.

The stuff no one wants to do!

December 16, 2021

Sorry if your a guy… since most readers are ladies. I choose that gender… but you can totally keep reading.

Doing that hard stuff.

Have you ever had a week where it seems as though every single day was filled entirely with all the hard stuff you could imagine?

Like me, you’ve probably experienced this, and this is what my week has been like.

Being up all night Monday being sick was only the begining of the spiral. But I certainly think there is something to be said for when this is the start of the week.

Its been a week of hard stuff for many members of my family too. I’ve had alot of hard conversations with my kids when they’ve had to face hard things. Things that hard to watch loved ones go through.

Maybe you’ve heard it already, but one of the things I like to think of and even say to my kids is, It’s time to put on your big girl/boy pants.

I’ve also said this to myself!

Much of what we’ve been dealing with this week is being blamed for things that aren’t correctly placed. Bearing the brunt of the frustration of others even when it really has nothing to do with you, and being forced to pick up the slack others leave in the way.

And so it goes.

Sometimes the only thing you can do is just show up, accept what is and carry on.

Doing the hard stuff is never easy. But, like I’ve pointed out to my kids, its so important to step back and appreciate your strength.

Recognize that the hard stuff you did today and will be doing all the hard stuff tomorrow or the nest day just a bit easier.

Maybe it would be good to tell yourself just to put your big girl/boy pants on some days. It’s something so silly, but it really does help me get over it, and get on with it.

No matter what it is, you’ve got the strength you need.

Whats growing in your bathroom?

December 2, 2021

Whats growing in your bathroom?

No, we’re not talking about a little spring time rain! We’re talking about your bathroom shower. Mold and mildew thrive in warm damp environments, which means you might have some unwanted germs blooming in your bathroom.

Spray it away!!

If you see either one sprouting up, get rid of it with a disinfecting spray. You may not know it, but it has the power to take on mold and mildew while also killing 99% of viruses and bacteria. Follow these simple steps to knock out your mold and mildew problems:

  • 1. Apply to a pre cleaned surface and spray until thoroughly wet.
  • 2. Let set for 5 minutes.
  • 3. Allow to air dry.

Repeat these instructions weekly.

Keep it away.

Its one thing to rid your home of mold and mildew, but how do you avoid their return? Here are a few tips.

Allow air to circulate.

Ensure your bathroom is well ventilated to prevent moist air from getting trapped in areas where mold or mildew might grow. After a shower turn on a fan or leave the door open to mover the moist air.

Care for your curtains.

Mold and mildew easily grow in shower curtains especially when they bunch up and stay wet. If you can, toss them in the wash regularly. If not, spray them daily with a germ killing product.

Treat your towels.

After a shower, make sure to hang your towels as flat as possible so all areas are exposed to air and have a chance to dry. Every 3-5 uses throw your towels and mats in the wash.

Use when you can’t motivate yourself.

November 25, 2021


I was sprawled on the couch in the bedroom with my head hanging off the side.


I can’t do anything.

I’m emotionally spent.

It was a tough weekend.

And seemed like everything went wrong.

I felt like I was in constant damage control to try to keep everyone up beat.

And inside, I just felt like crying.

You know the feeling? When everyones pain and frustration practically derails you?

That was me.

I was done.

The laundry I wanted to fold stayed in the basket. The dishes stayed on the counter.

I did nothing.

And I really felt guilty. You know the story line.

I can’t believe I’m so lazy, why can’t I get my act together?

Do you say these things to yourself too?

You didn’t try hard enough, you need to get it together, you make your own life… why aren’t you getting up earlier? Lazy bum!

In short, they’re jerks.

And then there are bench warmers who are pretty weak because they don’t get as much game time.

The ones who say:

  • You did your best.
  • Look at that small win.
  • That’s amazing you did so much already.
  • Take a break.

If you listened to the bench warmers you’d feel pretty amazing most days.

But, they need to play the game more to build up the same strength as those other guys.

So what to do?

Every time you recognize those abusive bullies, imagine telling them, I’m not going to listen to you, then turn away and try to hear something from the bench warmers.

I used this strategy recently. They said…

Stay on the couch, you’ve done alot. You deserve to rest.

And I did.

Getting kids to help.

November 5, 2021

Hi there Friends!

If there is one thing I hear time and time again from tired moms, it’s that getting kids to help at home is like pulling teeth. I get it. I really do. It certainly feels like that in my home sometimes.

But, I find it’s helpful to work as a team.

Meaning, your kids are working with you on something that needs to get done.

Here are the reasons I find working on a family project together is beneficial, taken from todays blog post.

Builds team work

Your kids will need to how to work as a team in the ouside world. What better place to learn it than at home. Kids love being a valued member of a team, and this would be a great way to start using the “team work” messaging in the overall culture of your home.

We are always calling our family a team, and I think you will really like too,

Builds self esteem.

Kids have every opportunity to have their self esteem knocked down in the outside world, working on a family project and being part of a team is an amazing self esteem booster.

Provides an opportunity to talk and laugh with your kids.

As moms, I think we all want more intentional time with our kids. We all want to build relationships and create cherished moments together. A family project is a great way to do this.

Gets a task done.

Of course, you are getting a task done. I am quick to remind my kids of all the things they’d like me to have time for. When we work together to take tasks off of my plate, I have more time to give to them all for the things they’d like to do.

The time spent on this can be frustrating at time, but I find it truly is worth it.

Have you weighed in?

October 28, 2021

Hi Friends!,

I’ve always done ok with clutter.

At least I thought I did.

Looking back to the old me, I’m realizing that dealing with clutter is a fairly simple concept that I was missing.

Here’s the thing.

If you want to at least break even with clutter, you have to take out the equivalent of the amount to stuff that you bring in.

In other words, if you take in stuff and don’t take out at least as much stuff clutter will gain a footing.

When this happens month after month, year after year, you can easily see why clutter is the problem it is for most people.

I think you can agree with this simple clutter concept, but maybe, like me, you find the execution part is so hard.

After nearly a 2 year moving process, I learned so much about how to control clutter.

Here it is in a nut shell.

Taking the above concept to the nest level – if you want to win over your clutter you need to take out more than you bring in.

But like most people, maybe you need some real, tangible ways of doing this.

For instance:

  • Maybe you tried decluttering on your own already, but for some reason, it didn’t work.
  • Do you dread the thought of sorting through everything and not knowing where to start?
  • Does clutter just keep appearing in your home and you don’t know how to stop it?

If you can relate to any of these questions (and I know they did) then I would love to hear more about it.

A walk down memory lane.

October 22, 2021

I guess that’s why today found me talking about the “good ole days” while talking with my kids. We talked about so many things.

We talked about teen heart throbs when I was a teen, and how we had to buy a teen magazine like tiger beat if we wanted to learn about them or look at their pictures. I realized that some may have no idea what tiger beat or bop magazines were back in the day, but I saved my hard earned baby sitting money to buy just one of these magazines a week.

That, and candy.

Every weekend my friends and I went to the drug store, and this is what we bought. CAndy and a teen heart throb magazine.

We talked about what it was like to live with put internet. I know – how archaic. My kids just couldn’t comprehend what it was like to just wonder about something simple because you have no way to find out the answer.

I guess it was all the talk about the “good old days” that made me switch up the menu plan for the week to include chili for tomorrow, such a comfort food.

Do you ever have days like these? Sometimes it’s so necessary to talk down memory lane.

The results are in! I would love your help.

October 14, 2021

Hi there friend!

Wow, I’m blown away by the number of people who wrote in about what the biggest clutter struggles in your home are. There have now been hundreds.

I had planned on sharing a few tips, but it has become clear that so many are completely weighed down maybe even to the point of drawing in their clutter.

Is this you?

Even more surprising (yet not really) is that there are 5 overwhelmingly commonalities among the clutter struggles that you all have shared with me.

They are as follows:

  • Sentimental/emotional reasons.
  • Overwhelmed with where and how to start.
  • Clutter has just gotten out of hand.
  • The frustration of clutter ideas that just aren’t working, or the lack of ideas.
  • Not enough time to worry about it or make any progress.

So if you shared any one of these ideas with me, know that your’re in the large majority of those who shared their clutter struggles with me.

Whats more – is that I can relate to all of these. Clutter has weighed me down for all of these and more.

While clutter is so all consuming at times. I would love to pinpoint a bit more about how I can best help with clutter. Because the truth is, I know what it feels like to be paralyzed by clutter. I have been there when it feels like things are just too far gone to ever get back on top.

I would love to hear a bit more from you about your clutter issues.

This was my struggle.

October 7, 2021


Several times over the past couple of years I’ve sent out reader surveys, asking questions about what’s working and what’s not in certain areas of my readers lives. With every survey there is always a question that specifically asks “what is your biggest struggle? and why?”

The why is always the most important part.

The results are so consistent it’s actually mind blowing.

The whys always include these three common answers:

  • Lack of time/energy/motivation.
  • Too busy/too much going on.
  • Lack of support/help.

But the most common theme that is every single survey and countless emails I am sent this.


A lack of balance is an exhausting feeling to have.

I know this because I have felt this way at times.

Several years ago my boyfriend was in a student based program witch left him unable to work.

This meant I was working full time, and taking care of kids too. I was actually working two jobs!

My boyfriend did what he could to help, but the program didn’t leave much time. If he failed one more time, he would be out of the program and would have to wait 5 years to be able to try again.

This was not an option.

Needless to say… my life was out of balance during that time. I was desperate to stop feeling like this.

My primary goal became finding balance (which doesn’t mean equal) with all the different demands placed on me while giving up the need for perfection and getting rid of the guilt I felt that some how wasn’t managing any of the many roles.

In my life I began doing things like:

  • Choosing what to focus on.
  • Identifying what caused me to become unmotivated.
  • Developing solutions.

And in return I gained:

  • Sanity
  • A feeling of self worth.
  • More time.

And balance.

Friends, can I just tell you how excited I am to hear so many of your storied!!

The crazy things in the bag.

September 30, 2021


We just found out about a few out of town, overnight outings that will be taking for and with the kids in the coming months.

These unexpected expenses always seem to come at the worst times. Although, I don’t know if there really is a good time for unexpected expenses to creep up.

One of the ways we have done some “fund raising” for these expenses is collecting up all of our aluminum cans and such. Depending on where and when you turn these things in, you can make a fair amount of cash.

At first I thought this would never pay out enough.

But… I couldn’t have been more wrong! When we were able to save over $2,000 for a trip to california!

I will say it wasn’t easy work, and it certainly takes alot of time. But we estimated our hourly wage based on time spent collecting and sorting and returning, turned out to be $20 per hour!

Not too bad right?

People are all too willing to let you pick up bags from garbage day as well.

Its amazing what you can find doing it this way!

Among our treasures were knives, cups, can coolers, random toys, and odds and ends. Even cash!

We paid for the entire trip and even had some left over! It was the best trip ever!

It’s really amazing what you can do if you just put your mind to it.

3 tips about clutter.

September 24, 2021

Hi there, Friend!

One of the things I did last weekend was to just declutter a few rooms. I get rid of things throughout the years as needed, but then every spring and fall I de clutter every room in the house.

I’ve get 3 pretty powerful de cluttering tips for you today.

One of the things I think is really important to keeping clutter at bay proactively is to pay attention to the size of things. If things will take up a ton of space to store, I might not buy it in the first place.

And, I also force myself to decide where I will keep something before I actually buy it. If I can’t come up with a place for it, I’m not allowed to buy it.

Perhaps my best tip at being proactive in dealing with clutter before it actually happens is to get rid of things when the things no longer fit in my space.

For instance…

I love books. Books are my thing. Well, one of them. While I do digital books at times, I really do prefer the real thing.

As you can imagine, as someone who loves reading, I gather quite a collection of books.

When I think about possibly moving soon in the future… oh the boxes of books I would have to move.

I try to keep in mind that I may only have a certain amount of room to store those books.

So I go through and de clutter more.

So now I can store all the best ones on one shelf.

Teaching your kids to clean.

September 16, 2021

Hi there Friend!

Something I’m asked all the time is how to encourage/train kids to clean up their own spaces. While this is far from an extensive strategy, I find these things to be super important.

Organize small things in containers.

Use smaller containers in their dresser drawers to keep things like socks, under ware, belts and slippers together. This is such a simple thing to do and it makes a world of difference in them being able to maintain some sense of order inside drawers. This is especially true if their drawers are large.

Hooks work great for kids clothes and things.

Provide them with a few hooks in their room to hang hats, partially worn clothing, or even a sweater, sweat shirt or coat. This can be a really cute way of adding a pop of color or decorative touch to the room while also creating more room in precious drawer space.

Use a binder for kids special things and keep sakes.

Create a binder with clear page protectors for them to keep their treasures in. Most kids like to hang onto things that have special meaning to them. This could be things like birthday cards, special pictures, or letters from friends or loved ones. This way these things not only have a place, but they are also forced to pick and choose between what to keep and what to toss. This keeps them from hanging on to too much clutter.

Let kids choose where their toys belong.

Let them be involved in the decision as to where to put their things. If they are a part of this process, they are more likely to want to put things away.

None of these things are a magic want, but they sure do work well.

You got this!

The best things about kids movies.

September 10, 2021


I love watching kids movies. We try to have a family movie night a couple times a month, and although I only have 1 teenager, we all really love movies that might be geared towards younger kids – myself included.

The things I find about these movies is that although they might appear to be for kids at first glance, there are always so many things that adults can take away from them as well.

Take the movie we were watching today.

With Amazon Prime, we often choose from there. Or, we do get free movies from the library. From a cost perspective, we find these two things meet our needs just fine so we don’t have to invest in other streaming services or pay for cable. Just one of the ways we’ve saved money over the years… making sure we aren’t paying for things we don’t need.

Anyway, back to the movie.

Check out this quote… I wasn’t watching the movie, but I’m always listening for these little nuggets of wisdom.

“Easy doesn’t build character”.

Isn’t this so true? This statement is so true it actually made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I heard it.

And, this statement would be relevant to so many different times in life – at least for most people.

I know I can look back on my life and see how many lessons I learned, how much strength I gained and how much character I gained by going through times of struggles.

What about you?

Don’t get me wrong, I really do prefer for things to be easy, but there is nothing that compares to the grit you get by living through hard things.

I hope if your working through a challenging time right now, this statement speaks to you as much as it did to me.

A necessary mantra to know.

September 2, 2021


Most weeks, I make time for exercise. Whether I’m going to the gym, working out at home, heading out for a run, or getting a work out on the Peleton. Thursdays are one of my favorite work out days usually, but it just didn’t happen today.

Honestly, I just didn’t have it in me today.

I woke up with a raging headache, so there was no way I was working out this morning.
As the day went on, I just became all the more convinced that it was just not going to happen as my headache just wouldn’t let go.

Thankfully by dinner time it had subsided.

But I was reminded of my favorite mantra.

“it’s the way it went today”.

There are times when this kind of grace is needed.

And, it’s important to give it to yourself.

It really became a self care day for me. I had alot to do, but in the margins it was a day to just recuperate after some long days that have been very draining.

And for today, that was absolutely the right thing for me to do.

Sometimes caring for myself means doing nothing at all.

Tomorrow is always a new day.

Embracing the perfect.

August 29, 2021

Hi Friends!

Some days are just a hot mess, aren’t they? And like it or not, sometimes we are just a hot mess in the midst of it.

But, there’s something we can do in spite of all the hot mess. I”ll share more about it tomorrow, but for now, here are a few pieces.

It’s something that’s all about embracing your life and learning to work with in your season, your circumstances, your callings, your responsibilities and your imperfections.

Maybe like me you’ve discovered that while you can work to improve these things or make them better, you really can change them… you can only improve them.

Also like me, you might have discovered that just the act of embracing the imperfect brings a sense of empowerment. A sense of satisfaction, and a feeling of relief.

And these feelings of empowerment, satisfaction and relief are what gives you the courage and strength to try it all again the next day.

I love what Brene Brown says:

Imperfections are not inadequacies: they are reminders that we are all in this together.

I love this because I think we usually see imperfections as just that. Inadequacy. But, it’s just not true… and no one is perfect, even though it might appear that way.

If your someone who is exhausted from trying to achieve the perfect home, the perfect family, perfect nights, and just the perfect life, the you’ll be the perfect candidate to learn how to embrace the imperfect part of yourself and your life along with me.

Part 2:

August 19, 2021

Hi there Frined!


So last week I shared one step in a two step process that will help you finally find solutions to the struggles you have in your home.

Basically, you need to diagnose the correct reasons for the struggle.

In my example, we discovered that the kitchen counters always feel like a constant mess, and we discovered why.

There were three reasons:

There are a lot of people there much of the day.

It’s a walk thru.

People eat thru out the day, even if its just a snack.

With these root “why” causes now we can brain storm a solution for each one.

The solution I need is corral peoples stuff in an acceptable way since it will collect on my kitchen counter.

Here’s what I came up with.

First, I need to come up with a solution for the on going mess from food.

As always, I need to make it super easy and make it a requirement that people clean up their mess. Easy solutions to put food away (containers) and also making sure that the dishes are done after the meals so there is always room for people to put their dishes in the sink in between meals so the dont have to collect on the counters.

For the paper clutter that collects on the counter I have a white magazine file on my kitchen counter. It looks nice, and I can scoop up all the paper clutter and put it in there in about two minutes.

For all the other stuff clutter, I have a cute little basket that sits next to the magazine file. There is where the other stuff goes.

With these correct solutions, my kitchen can go from being covered with things all over to being cleaned in 5 minutes or less.

When my kitchen is clean I

  • Don’t feel stressed.
  • makes meals easier.
  • Plus there’s room for people to do things.

When you work thru this 2 step process of uncovering the real why and finding the solutions, you can go from feeling like:

Your home is out of control.

Or there’s something wrong with you because you just can’t get motivated or find the energy to clean these areas… with the right solutions, the will never be out of control again.

I’ve discovered that if you can pro actively keep things from getting out of control, it’s much easier to actually be in control.

This means your home will be a place of peace and calm.

I’ve got one more piece in this process, plus I will show you the exact track to run on to get some control over your home.

Soon, I’ll give you this final piece.

A solution to your areas of struggle.

July 29, 2021

Hi There!

If you struggle with staying at least some what in top of your home, have you ever wondered why? I’m not talking about the “i never have enpugh time” kind of why or the ” everyone is constantly making messes” kind of why.

I”m talking about the real why.

Often times finding the real why about positive and negatives in your life is kind of like peeling back the layers of an onion.

There’s always the easy, surface kind of why (usually it’s the obvious why) but the real why is the real root of the problem. And with out discovering the real why, you’re likely only going to find temporary solutions to things rather than long term solutions that actually work.

When it comes to staying on top of your home, there are two pieces that are necessary.

One is uncovering the real why behind your areas of struggle.

And once you’ve done that you can find the right solution.

Here’s what I mean.

Now that we’re home more than I think we ever have been, I think most of us it’s causing more struggles in our home than ever before.

Not only are we there more to be bothered more often than we were before, but being home more means there’s the opportunity for things to get messier and more out of control.

Here’s what I’ve learned, however, as I’ve finally learned how to creat the solutions that help me stay on top of my home (at least for the most part since we know nothing is ever perfect… you might even know that I’m the queen of short cuts. Since you might have heard me talk about the difference between “clean, clean” and :clean” But that I’ve discovered is that how we view our homes has so much to do with how we feel about ourselves, how our relationships are going, our self esteem, our motivation, and more. And that’s why it’s so important to find solutions that can help us feel better about our homes.

For the purpose of this exercise, just think about one area that is bother some in your home. It could be the cluttered kitchen counters or dinning room table, it could be the never ending laundry whether dirty or clean, or it be all the stuff in your most common living area pretty much all the time.

So, here’s how this exercise works- and do this with just that one home struggle in mind.

Ask yourself: What is the struggle?

  • Why is this a struggle?

Remember the layers of the onion? This, that in mind, here’s how a typical thought process could go in relation to this, struggle and peeling back the layers of an onion.

  • Why is this a struggle?
  • The deeper why (people do so many things in the kitchen)
  • Another deeper (its where we spend a majority of our time)
  • Another deeper (it’s a walk thru to other areas of the home)
  • Another deeper (people are always eating)

So these are good things. The kitchen is a great place for people to gather, and having people gather in a common living area is a really good thing.

Also, you can’t change the fact that the kitchen is a walk thru to other areas, which means its an easy place to just drop stuff.

In working thru this exercise with a challenge in your home, you now know whats happening – the real reason why the kitchen counters are often a cluttered mess.

And you know exactly what the causes for your problem are.

Which means you can find the right solutions.

You can’t change the realities of the struggle – and you don’t want to change them.

You just want the outcome of the reality of the kitchen being a busy gathering place to change.

In the next week or two I’ll share how to find the right solutions with you.

The rest of the story I promised you.

July 22, 2021

Hi There!

Did you read my email last night?

In it I shared about a concept that I’m building on tonight. If you didn’t read it, this one might make more sense if you read that one first.

The mistake I made for years is the same mistake I’ve been helping my son realize.

I guess it’s not so much a mistake as it is a stumbling block.

Here it is in a nut shell.

When getting tasks done, it is often most effective to base your dead line on the task, not the time spent on the task.

Here’s the example I promised.

My son is scrambling to finish his school semester on time.

He’s got 3 classes left and a hard and fast dead line.

I’ve come to discover that he normally bases the time he spends working on a time dead line.

While sometimes this is appropriate, in some cases it’s not, like in his.

Sometimes the bast way to get a task done is to only determine the stop working dead line based on steps in the task and the dead line your facing.

For example…

My son has 2 days to finish biology.

So rather than saying that he will stop working at 10:00 pm, he needs to say that he will stop working when he is half way done with the work that still needs to be completed.

For my son, this has been the missing piece.

With out basing the time he spends working on the amount of the task he got done, he would never finish on time.

I have sooo much more to say on this concept – it really has been a game changer.

I’ll circle back around to this soon. For now, I’ve got another important lesson to share with you next week. Make sure you don’t miss it.

Sanitize, wash, repeat.

July 17, 2021

Whether it’s cold and flu, or covid – 19, everyone is being more cautios than ever when it comes to their health. And while washing your hands, wearing a mask, and avoiding large crowds are all great ways to avoid these illness causing germs, there’s another that might not be so obvious – washing your clothes. Yep, you heard me right.

Do this, not that: Laundry addition.

Believe it or not, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do the laundry, at least when it comes to helping avoid the spread of germs. Here are a few of my favorite do’s and don’t’s.

Do wash your child’s laundry separate from the rest. Car seats, sports equipment, pet toys – kids spend lots of time interacting with germy surfaces or creating a few of their own (baby blow outs). It only makes sense to help keep those germs away from the rest of the families laundry.

Don’t let your dirty laundry set around. Lots of germs and bacteria can survive on clothes for weeks, which means your laundry hamper could turn into breeding ground for germs if you don’t wash your clothes regularly.

Do wash your face mask every day that you wear it. Once it’s out of the wash, consider air drying it in a sunny area. The ultra violet rays from the sunlight should kill any germs still left of its surface.

Don’t wash your towels with clothes whether they’re kitchen towels, bathroom towels or hand towels, they’re exposed to a world of germs that your clothes typically aren’t. Keep it that way by placing your kitchen and bathroom towels in their own separate cycles.

Here’s how I plan ahead.

July 8, 2021

Hi There Friends!

Happy Thursday!

You may have heard me mention before that Mondays generally aren’t too bad for me. The reputation that Mondays seem to get just doesn’t really apply to me most times.

But Tuesdays are a different story.

I think Mondays are typically ok days for me because I’m coming off of the weekend. The house is pretty much clean from our larger cleaning day on Saturday, and everything is pretty much where it belongs.

Monday is usually ok to stay up on, but by half way through the day on Tuesday things start to get a little bit more difficult to stay on top of. It takes a more concentrated effort from that point onward during the week. Here’s how I make Tuesdays a little smoother.

I go to bed by 10:00 on Mondays. Most other nights It will shut down at 10:30 or 11:00

I get up 30 minutes earlier. I know I will need that buffer on a Tuesday. So, I get up earlier to give myself an automatic buffer. I don’t like the earlier wake up time in the moment, but I’ve been doing it long enough to be ok with it and know it’s worth it.

I tackle my most dreaded job first thing. I usually don’t do this since I attack what ever is most important thing first. But I find that on Tuesdays the boost I got from doing something I don’t like gives me extra momentum.

If I’m out on errands, I get fancy coffee while I’m out.

We have a meal everyone loves.

The less fighting on Tuesdays the better.

I get an extra 20 minutes of something I look forward to at the end of the day.

When things aren’t what they seem.

July 1, 2021

Hi There Friends!

One of the things I think I’m naturally good at is recognizing that the things we do and don’t do have what these things look like on the outside… but then they also have things underneath in many cases.

I think my mom also taught me to think this way, so with my own natural tendencies and the way my mom helped me process things, it’s fairly easy for me to look deeply into things.

For instance.

If you struggle with procrastination it’s likely not that your lazy. Although we are so good at telling ourselves all the ways we fall short.

But, these is a reason behind why you procrastinate.

For instance, it is often because the task is just too large. If you find yourself pushing a task from one day to another and another, it very well might be that the task feels too overwhelming. The task is too large.

So, your more likely to get the task done if you break a large task that you’ve been putting off into smaller, more manageable steps.

And, you repeat this process of breaking a task down into smaller and smaller steps. Intil you actually start working on it.

But, that’s not the only common reason behind why you procrastinate. I might also be that you’re just bored at the idea of the task ot you’re bored while in the midst of the task that keep you procrastinating on.

I’ve actually come up with two other common reasons behind why you’re probably procrastinating.

The thing is, one you know you’re why, you can finally start to overcome it.

When Its just time.

June 24, 2021

Hi There!

Sometimes it’s just time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. And for me, this will be happening this weekend!

When I want to devote a bit of time to some serious cleaning, these are the cleaning tips I use first.

Block out the time. When do you plan on cleaning in your day? Block out that time on your daily schedule so you don’t end up not making the time. The tasks in the challenge shouldn’t take anymore than 30 minutes and most of them will take far less.

Gather your supplies. What will you be using to clean? Cleaners, rags, towels, vacuum and attachments, and what ever else you might need. Gather all of these things together ahead of time so you’re not running all over to get them in the midst of cleaning.

Grab a timer. Things always go smoother and promote efficiency when you’re working against a timer. This is especially true if you are a competitive like I am.

Get something to listen to. Sometimes I like listening to music while other times I enjoy listening to books on audible or podcasts that I enjoy. Having something to listen to is a great distraction and a great motivator when cleaning.

Dealing with possible interruptions ahead of time. If I want to get something done with out interruption, I have to make sure that my kids are entertained during that time. Make sure you’ve covered that ahead of time as well. If you will face other possible interruptions, be proactive in over coming them as well.

Comfy clothes. Cleaning just requires comfy clothes doesn’t it?

That’s it. If you’ve covered all these bases you should be good and ready to go when the challenge starts.