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Day in the life

February 25, 2021

Hi there friends!

I hope you’ve had a great week so far. Mine has been productive and restoritive to me, but I also had some time to just be, which was nice.

I posted a ton of pictures of various projects on face book this week, so many people were asking about how my house can be so clean with so many people who live here. This always makes me laugh because it really does look clean most of the time, but, there are some important behind the scense realizations that I want to pass along lest you think I soend all my time cleaning my house.

My family helps me. That’s right! Everyone pitches in with house hold tasks.

They’re not perfect at it (neither am I) I’m not sure there are ever family members who don’t need some prodding or kicks in the pants to get it done. I find rewards generally work well. They must be motivating rewards however.

There are two kinds of clean. There is cleaning you do because it’s your ideal kind of clean, and then there is the cleaning for your sanity kind of cleaning. During the week, my cleaning is the second kind of cleaning. On the weekends I would say it’s a cross between the two with a couple of focus areas that are more like the first kind of clean. Time is limited and I want myself and my family to enjoy life as well. There is always a strategic plan and picking and choosing going on.

Prioritize certain areas to focus on over others is key. Again, unless you have unlimited time everyday, this is likely true for you ,too.

The right plan and systems are paramount. Knowing what to clean 9and what not to clean) how to clean it (for maximum efficiency) and truly understand what matters most to you when it comes to a clean home is the make or break it. If cleaning or dealing with clutter is an on going struggle for you, I’m guessing some of all of these things are missing.

I’ve got so much more to say about these things, but hopefully these things clear up a few things.

February 18, 2021

Hi There!

Digging out day has begun!

The past couple of weeks have been filled with so many out of the ordinary things that have been pushed to the back ground. Today marked the first of many digging out days in reguards to getting things back to normal.

It will definitely be a process, in the mean time I thought I’d share 5 things I’m loving about life right now.

Making all the special foods. I’ve made so much food for so many different gatherings in the past weeks that I have enough left overs to keep me from having to cook the entire weekend, and may be beyond.

My meal prepping system. Its a lot of work on the weekends, but it has transformed all three meals during the week.

Being home. I really kind of liked being home for the holidays and having this break from scholl too. It really is the first time we;ve taken a full two weeks off school, it was such a nice break, but I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. I’ve definitely wasted alot of time wince I didn;t have as tight of margins on my time.

My kitchen aid mixer. A few years ago I got all the attachments I needed and it has made making meals and all the apple sauce we make every year a breeze.

Planning the new quarter. I love the new quarter. I’ve mapped it all out here and there and everywhere, but this weekend I’ll be making it all cohesive. I no longer plan my entire year. I only plan quarters, and its been so effective for me.

February 11, 2021

Hi there my Friends!

So last week I was telling you about a commitment I made to myself. It was a commitment I have known I had to make for a long time.

I guess I needed to get the point where I came to this realization.

I’m worth it!

I’m worth doing what I needed to do to take the action that will make me feel better about myself.

Maybe like me, it’s so easy to put your self on the back burner. But, also like me, at some point you may get to the point where you determine that you can come to the fore front. At least a little bit.

And so for me and my journey, I’m going to be starting on a jpurney where I am focused on my own eating habits and my own healthy living habits.

This will take me extra time and, this will take me extra money.

But, I’m to the point where I know I need to fill my own tank in order to be able to pour into others.

The past few months have found me in a season where I have been pouring, pouring, pouring into others. And I’m realizing I’m truly depleted.

I recognize that I can’t just keep pouring from an empty cup. I need to reload so to speak.

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a year to remember. For me, there has been good mixed in with bad. But there has also been an over whelming exhaustion that I need to address.

If you share the same struggle, how can you show up for yourself even if it means you’ll have to put yourself in the forefront in some way?

Maybe, like me, you already realize your worth it.

Hi There Friend!

So many of you have asked about my word for the year in 2021.

I am almost there, and when I have it, I’ll share it. Its taking me such a long time this year because 2020 was such a crazy year. As a result, the best way I can describe where my journey has taken me is that I have a deep stirring in my soul.

Does this even make sense?

These past couple of months have been a couple of very introspective months for me. I’ve put a ton of time and effort into the quiet contemplation about where I’m going in all aspects of my life. And, this is largely why my word for the year is taking me so much time. I’m flashing out so many different things and once I do, my word will be clear. So i’ll share it when I know it.. but I’m not quite there yet.

Wondering how to choose a word for your self? These steps may help

Define your ending point. What exactly does success look like to you at the end of 2021? Fill in this sentence – If I (you fill in the blank) by December 31 2021, I will be a success. Envision your self there first. You have to feel that success. This is what makes the dream come to life. This is the missing piece for most when it comes to success or failure.

Understand at least the first steps it will take to reach the end. There are 2 important steps you need to take to get to the end. You only have to know the first couple of steps. Second, you must understand and fully embrace knowing that you must do something different to achieve different results. Put another way, you will never achieve anything different if you’ve always just done the same thing. This is a huge mistake by most. Once you understand it and will likely be over the stumbling block that has always kept you from achieving your goals.

Think about defining your legacy. What do you want others to remember about you? Once you start thinking of some of these adjectives, it could help guide you to your word.

I suggest taking your time if you choose a word of phrase for the year. While I often find I circle back to my first word, I think its a valuable journey to take.