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Do this before you start De cluttering.

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Before you start de cluttering. It’s important to know where you are headed. If you don’t have a goal or vision, it will be difficult to know what to do.


With any goal setting. It’s important to think through what you want to achieve as well as why.

Why do you want to de clutter your home? How will having a de cluttered home impact your life? Take the time to think through your goals so you are clear on what you are working towards.


The why is key for continuing to help motivate you when you are tired of getting off course. There will be times that de cluttering is difficult.

You have to want the end goal enough to work past the rough patches to keep propelling you forward.


As you consider your de cluttering goals. Also think about the overall appearance you want for your home. Consider how you want each room to look and feel. How do you want others to feel when they enter your home?


Also, consider the way that your space needs to function for your life. Having a pretty sitting room sounds great, but if you have children, it may not be practicle for your family room to be a fancy non kid friendly space.

Form and function must combine here to create spaces that will really work for you. Dream big, but also be realistic about your current stage of life.


If you need help finding your style before you start de cluttering, try Pinterest. Do some searches and pin things you are drawn to.

Your style should emerge through various things you have pinned. If you have many varied pins, perhaps your style is eclectic.

The purpose of this exercise is to help clarify how you would like your space to look and function. If you’re living in a white walled rental, but you are pinning lots of farm house pictures, you can incorporate some of that look thru accent pieces, throws, toss pillows, etc.

But wait to go shop that Chip and Jojo line at Target or take a trip to Hobby Lobby until after you’ve de cluttered.

Hopefully by this point, you are getting excited about the look that you want and the time you’ll save in having a de cluttered home.

Vision board

While I’m huge fan of pintrest and definitely pin inspiration images. I also love having a physical vision board. I cut words and pictures out of magazines and glue them to poster board.

If that’s not for you, there are digital apps that help you make a collage. Either way it will give you a visual representation of your end goal.

It’s helpful to have the board in a place you will see it often (wall paper on your phone, hung on a wall you often see, etc.) The constant reminder of your goals and visions will help you keep focused and motivated.

Assess the space.

Now that you have a vision in mind, it is time to assess the current state of the space vs. your goals for the space. Try the following exercise: Go to each room in your house. Stand in the door way and look around the room. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How does this room feel?
  2. What is the function of this room?
  3. How do I want it to function?
  4. Where are the clutter magnets?
  5. What needs to be done to help me reach my vision and goals?

I am guessing for most of us (myself included) one of the biggest ways we are not currently our vision for our space is due to clutter. There are various methods for de cluttering your home. But the vision part comes first. Create that vision board before you start de cluttering.

Starting with a clear end goal and seeing where reality is not currently meeting the vision is a great start to getting to a home that you’ll love.’

Through the de cluttering process, you will want to be able to come back and refer to your original goals. Remembering how you want your home to feel and function will keep you moving forward when the de cluttering process feels tiring or everwhelming.

Have you done a vision board? Don’t skip this important step of setting up your goals and visions before you begin de cluttering.

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