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Easy tips to transition from Christmas to winter decor

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There’s no reason to put away all of your decor from the Christmas season. Just because the holidays are over. Use this one idea to help you create a super easy switch from Christmas to winter decor while still honoring and displaying both seasons beautifully in your home.

I’m a huge fan of making decorations for the season both quick and easy.

Even as someone that loves changing up my decor on a regular basis, the idea of taking down and replacing every item in my home sounds a bit daunting – especially if it only stays that way for a month or so.

Thus, I’ve established and defined my go to method for making the switch from Christmas to winter decorations and I have to share it with you because its both extremely simple and quite quick!

I hope it helps you enjoy decorating for both seasons with out crazy amounts of stress.

How to switch from Christmas to winter decor – The easy way!

Now, for this method to work in your home, there are a few things you have to think about when decorating for Christmas.

  • Decorate simply – meaning put up decor that’s classy and makes a statement.
  • Use neutral elements (like wood, metal, or neutral colors along side your festive decor.

If you use these things when you decorate for Christmas, then transitioning to winter decor is so easy. All you have to do is:

Swap out the red ir festive color of choice and greenery for whites and greys.

The fireplace

Lets start with the fireplace, since its the prettiest spot in my living room.

First take a look at your Christmas decor, and not the red or greenery items.

To transition to winter decor, I simply swap out anything red for grey and white.

Its easy peasy right? You can use things like a box filled with winter stems, white candles, ect. Just try to make sure what you are swapping out is all the same type of decor, just a different color.

The sofa

The sofa will be an easy swap!

Just change out red pillows and flannel blankets for grey and white ones.

Over all, this process is really simple, but don’t be discouraged if it takes you some practice.

Again, the key to making this transition easy is first decorating for Christmas in a way that’s simple and includes neutral elements.

Make sure you add a few cozy winter decorations to the space and increase the cozy factor in the space too.

I hope this helps you simplify the process of transitioning your home from Christmas to winter decor.

I know thinking about the decor switch from this angle has helped me to minimize the decor we keep in storage and complete the change in a super short amount of time.

What types of things do you swap our from Christmas to winter? I’d love to have you share your ideas in the comments.

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