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The weekly tip

Fill your home with the smell of baby powder by using it for cleaning and other house hold purposes. Here are some ways in which you can use baby powder around your home,

Cleaning purposes

Closet and drawer freshener.

After having your clothes packed away in your closet or drawers for a long time, you will find that there is a musty smell in them. You can freshen up your closet by sprinkling a small amount of baby powder in a dish and placing it inside the closet.

You can also freshen up your drawers by putting the powder in sachets and placing them in each drawer. Baby powder contains a type of moisture that will remove the musty smell and freshen up your closet and drawers.

Grease splatter

Getting grease spatter on your clothing can be one of the worst things that can happen to you. You might have been trying so many grease removing chemicals, and there is no good results, so you have given up.

Baby powder is the right solution to get rid of the grease splatter. Try rubbing the splatter with some baby powder on a sponge. Rub the grease splatter with the sponge until the mark is gone.

Other uses:

Flower bulb protection.

Baby powder will help protect the roots of your flower bulbs from not rotting and growing mold. Many gardeners always use this tip to protect their precious flower bulbs before planting.

To apply this tip, you will place a few lower bulbs each time into a sip lock bag. Place 2 tbsp of baby powder into the bag and shake. Remove bulbs and plant them.

Loosening a deck of cards

This baby powder vintage trick is one that has been used among card players and is still used in card players in modern days. When you buy a new pack of cards, they keep sticking together, making it very hard to play with.

To loosen the cards, you should place them in a plastic bag along with a small amount of baby powder. Shake the bag to distribute the powder among the cards and shake the powder off of them. You will find that the cards are smoothe and much easier to play with.

Alternative for deodorant.

In case you ever find yourself out of deodorant, don’t panic. Once you have a bottle of aby powder in the house, you are okay. Sprinkle a little baby powder into the palm of your hand and rub it under your arm pits!

This baby powder actually eliminates odor and has such a wonderful smell. Many folks use only baby powder on their bodies, and they always have that lovely baby smell.

Dog Flea repellant

Baby powder can be used to get rid of fleas on your precious pet. Isn’t that great? To get rid of those annoying fleas off of your pet, you may sprinkle some baby powder over the entire body of your pet. Your pets bed will also be more comfortable if you put some baby power on it to. The powder will let all the fleas perish!

Cooling your sheets.

During the summer it is so relaxing to get under some cool sheets. To get your sheets to feel cool, just sprinkle a light covering of baby powder between your sheets.

You can do this a few minutes before getting into your bed. This is one of the best ways to freshen up those sheets that you didn’t have time to wash.

Sand remover

When ever you might be thinking of heading to the beach, it would be best for you to take along some baby powder. Why? You might be thinking what has baby powder got to do with the beach. Well, baby powder helps to remove the sand that will always find itself on your clothes, in your house and even in your car.

To easily get the sand off, just sprinkle some baby powder onto the clothes or any where else that have sand on them. You will find it much easier to brush off all the sand that has accumulated.

Your bathroom is usually one of the dirtiest rooms in the house, requiring frequent cleaning to keep it fresh and smelling nice. Use these bathroom deep cleaning hacks to get your bathroom cleaner than ever.

Make a cleaning check list.

Most of us probably can’t wait to be done cleaning our bathrooms, even if we’re not actually all the way done with them.

For that reason, creating a little check list before you get started can be pretty helpful. Although each persons list will differ, it should probably include the sink and faucets, mirrors, bath tub, shower head, fixtures, toilet, and floors including the grout.

Basic bath tub and shower cleaning.

This is one of the trickier parts of cleaning the bathroom. To start, it’s good to hit all the surfaces with a all purpose cleaner. Let the spray sit on the surfaces for a minute or two before scrubbing it all out – and be sure to apply liberally. If you have stains or grime that’s too heavy for the spray, throw a layer of baking soda in the tub and let it set for about 30 min. After that, scrub everything with a rag or sponge. Do the same thing with the fixtures, shower head and doors.

Basic toilet cleaning

The basic step of cleaning the toilet means throwing your toilet bowel cleaner in a letting it set while you do the rest of the toilet.

First, get your all purpose spray and soak down the edges, outside, and rear areas of the toilet. Use a rag or a scrub brush to get all around the toilet – and be sure to use baking soda and vinegar as necessary if you smell bad odors!

After your done with everything else, you can use a toilet bowel scrubber to scrub the inside of the bowel and flush when your done. You can also pour vinegar in the tank to remove stains there. Often times stains in your toilet bowel come from the tank. White vinegar will help get rid of them.

Basic sink cleaning.

This typically isn’t as bad as the other areas, but still needs some love and attention. As with the other steps, spray the sink it’s self with your cleaning spray and scrub away, using the heavier stuff only if necessary. Be sure to use window cleaner or a vinegar solution on the mirror to finish it off.

Basic floor cleaning.

The reason we do the floors last is so if anything falls to the ground from the sink or the toilet or where ever else during the cleaning process, you can get it all at the end (and of course, because you can’t clean in there when the floor is wet).

First, start by either sweeping or vacuuming the bathroom floor to get the dust out. After that, you can clean the grout by using grout cleaner and a wire brush. After that, you can either mop or use a swiffer wet jet to finish everything off.

Dry the toilet brush!

A tip so simple, you would hardly believe it’s a hack. Yet I can’t even begin to describe how many times I went to clean my toilet right after mopping the bathroom floor. It seems like no big deal until you drip dirty, old toilet water all over your fresh clean floor when you go to scrub! Allow the brush to drip dry each time you use it by wedging it between the bowl and the seat.

Deep clean the grout.

Here is a hack I know many a lady will love! You know that really gross mold that builds up in the grout between the tiles and caulking where the tub meets the wall? Yeah, that brownish black muck that we all hate. Well, now you can virtually wipe it off. All you need to do is mix just enough bleach with baking soda to make a think paste. Make enough to line every place you see the mold in your shower. (works on counter tops too) Than lay it on thick and let set for 8 hrs. Wipe off the paste, gently scrubbing the stubborn bits off with a tooth brush, and give it a rinse. Bam! No more nasty shower muck in your grout!

Remove hard water stains with a lemon.

Yep, it’s as simple as it looks. Cut a lemon i half and use each half like a little scrub brush, thoroughly going over all of the waiter stians. This works especially well on chrome fixtures.

Deep clean the glass shower door.

There are two ways to approach cleaning your shower that are both effective and easy. The approach you’ll want to use is totally dependent on how much soap scum has built up on your shower doors. If your just doing maintenance cleaning, and there isn’t much soap scum, using worn out, balled up panty hose can do wonders for clearing up water deposits on the shower doors. If your doors haven’t seen a good squeegeeing in a while, then the magic eraser is your friend. This works not just for shower doors, but also bathroom mirrors, chrome fictures and glass in general.

Clean using dryer sheets.

That’s right! Dryer sheets can do more than soften up your laundry and smell nice. You can use these as an alternative to cleaning your shower doors and mirrors. They remove water spots like a charm, and their anti-static effect makes them perfect for wiping down all the dusty spots in your house.

Remove stains from porcelain

Depending on the shape your sink is in, this is a 1-3 step process. If your only battling a little soap scum, you can get away with using a small amount of bar keepers friend, or other type of cleanser. If you sink is looking pretty miserable, though, you can first wash it with a dish soap/detergent to remove any grime and build up. Then spray your whole surface down with bleach, and let it set for 10-15 minutes. Go ahead and wipe it down, and if it’s clean enough for your liking, go on with your day. If you still have a few marks or stains in the sink, put some cleanser on the marks and gently scrub it in then wipe away. You’ll be thrilled at how your sink shines.

Deep clean using a screwdriver.

No kidding! I can’t believe I never thought of this before. When things start to smell a bit funky, wrap a clorox wipe around the tip of your screwdriver, and run it beneath or around those hard to reach places. You will be oh so happy you did.

Clean the toilet brush

In addition to drip drying your toilet brush, you can add a small amount of pine sol, or other good smelling cleaner, to the holder. It will keep the whole room smelling fresh and be ready to use when you go to scrub. Just make sure you remember it’s there so you can give your brush a little tap to let the excess cleaner drip down into the holder first, and avoid splashing your self.

Deep clean the faucet handles.

When is then last time you deep cleaned your faucet handles? I know, not a common question. When you think about it. Though the faucet handles see a huge amount of traffic. That traffic is usually comprised of hands that just flushed the toilet, so you can imagine the bacteria that hide beneath those faucet covers. Fortunately you only need to remove the cover and use a screw driver to remove the handle. Soak it in vinegar, give a quick scrub, and your back on track.

Power scrub tougher stains.

Need some heavy fire power for the tougher bathroom stains? No problem. Time to bring out the power drill. Just whip out your tool box and attach a scubber with strong bristles to the bit part of your power drill. Use your bathroom cleaning spray of choice and grind away!

Unclog drains using alka seltzer

Lets face it, your drains are always going to clog eventually. Cleaners and tools can be expensive, especially when it comes time to call the plumber. Luckily, you might have some alka seltzer and vinegar around the house, which can be combined to life hack away at your clogged drains! Just drop two tablets of alka seltzer down your drain. Pour in a cup of vinegar after, and wait a couple of minutes. Then fill a container with hot water and rinse out your drain. You should be good to go. F YI if you don’t have alka seltzer on hand baking soda will help to.