The weekly tip

I usually try to find products that can be purchased at the Dollar Tree. I’m not 100% positive, but I haven’t located this product there recently. But, these tips are too cool not to share!

Remove car paint rubs.

Ouch! You’ve got a blotch of paint on your car from another car who may just accidentally put it there.

There is no need to fuss. Spray WD-40 on the paint and wipe it away. This will save you a few bucks at the car work shop.. If you own a car, it would be wise to keep a can of WD-40 on hand!

Remove lipstick stains.

Lipstick stains can be almost impossible to remove. This is not even removeable by bleaching. If you should some how manage to get lip stick on your clothes, be careful not to wipe it with water or bleach, this could make it worse.

Grab a can of WD-40. Spray on to the stain, leave on for 2 minutes and gently wipe away in strokes.

Toilet cleaner.

I know you have learned or heard of many things around the house that can be used to clean your toilet, but have you ever heard of WD-40?

This is very unique and cost effective and it also has multiple purposes. To clean your toilet using WD-40, simply spray the inside with WD-40, let it rest for 15 minutes, brush with a toilet brush. This will remove any stubborn stain that just wont go.

Out of all the items in your home, few get the same mileage as your tooth paste. You squeeze it every morning and every night, pushing out just enough to make sure that your pearly whites stay pearly white. How ever, what you might not realize is that tooth paste is alot more versatile than its name suggests. The same texture, ingredients, and properties that make it so good for scrubbing plaque off your chompers also make into a neat way to deal with many house hold cleaning chores, from scraping out dirty sinks, to re-shinning diamonds,to being a useful agent for removing gum from your kids hair, along with numerous other tooth paste hacks.

Now to be clear, the tooth paste that works best for these tasks is the plain white variety, rather than the fancy gel stuff, and you always want to make sure it doesn’t have too many extra properties like tarter remover, or what have you. Once you have your tube primed and ready to go, enjoy learning about these helpful tooth paste uses and don’t forget to share these tips with your friends.

As always, products needed for any of the tips posted in the Weekly Monday Tip section can be found at Dollar Tree!

Finally, a solution for crayons on the wall!

Sure, they are great for coloring, but there are few words to describe the nightmare of coming into the living room to find that your 5 yr old has decided to scrawl all over the walls with various waxy colors. What do you do, repaint the whole thing?

Never fear, though because tooth paste is here! If used correctly, tooth paste will get those crayon markings right out. Tooth paste is very effective… so effective actually, that it’s recommended you test it on a tiny part of the wall, first, to make sure it doesn’t strip the paint.

Make those diamonds shiny again!

If you wear your diamond ring every day, it probably doesn’t glisten quite the way it used to. That’s normal, of course. Your hands get dirty, they sweat, and a residue builds up on the diamond. How do you make it shine again? Tooth paste of course!

First, soak the ring in a bowl of water and mild detergent, then scrub the ring softly with a tooth brush. At this point, squeeze a tiny, pea sized

amount of tooth paste onto the brush and apply to the ring only. Once this is done, wash off the tooth paste, and enjoy the new glimmer.

Clean your nails.

Who doesn’t hate when you get dirt stuck under your nails? Not only is it unsightly to look at, but then, getting the black stuff out – really out – can be tedious chore. Combine that with nail discoloration, and it can seem like nothing works.

Enter tooth paste. Apply some of the white stuff to the top of your nails, scrub it in, and then polish away! Aside from getting dirt out, toothpaste will also help make the nail shiny again, and even strengthen it! That siad, if you have nails that are dry and brittle, this isn’t a good fix, since it will increase dryness.

Hand odors no more!

Been chopping a few too many garlic and onions lately? The smell of fish leftovers clinging to your fingers?

Tried changing the trash, and the bag ripped open, spilling god-knows-what on your poor palms? Washing your hands with soap will kill the bacteria, for sure, but all to often, the smell lingers. So once you have finished soaping up and rinsing, just do a second wash with a little tooth paste included, and the odors will come right out.

Say good bye to table rings!

Ah… many a wooden table has been destroyed by one careless guest leaving their coffee much or cold glass of water right on its surface with out a coaster. You can yell at them all you want, or buy dozens of coasters to compensate, but, neither of these things will restore the wonderful wood surface that’s been marred by a water mark.

How ever, using some toothpaste as long as your careful you might be able to scrub those rings right off. It depends on the type and softness of the wood, of course, but it’s definitely something thing to look into.

Get the tar off.

Sometimes, you walk inside after a long, nice day at the beach… and as soon as your bare sole touches the hardwood floor, it sticks. Yuck! It turns out that while you were playing and running around outside with out your shoes, you got a little tar stuck on your foot. Good luck getting it out.

Luckily, a dab of tooth paste can come to your rescue. Just put it on, scrub, and the tar should come right off, easy as pie!

Carpet stains? Brush them out!

Yes, you heard it here first! Tooth paste really will pull the stains right out of your rug. To make this happen, though, you’ll need to do more than simply squeeze some tooth paste on to the carpet.

First, put a little bit of tooth paste into a bowl, and mix it with 3/4 cups of water. Stir until the clumps dissipate. Now, soak a rag in the mixture for 5 minutes, and use that rag to lift the terrible stain away from your carpet. Forever!

Make your outdoor furniture spiffy again.

Indoor furniture is one thing, but the level of dirt and grime, and residue that accumulates on your outdoor furniture is another thing entirely! Seriously, those pieces must sit out through sun, rain, fog, and winds, so it’s no wonder that they eventually get pretty nasty.

To make them shiny and neat again, though, all you need is tooth paste!

Squirt some right onto the furniture, scrub it on, and its natural grittiness will pull out all the grime.

Dirty sink

Face it, next to the toilet, your sinks might be the nastiest part of your entire house. Seriously, think about it. All the stuff that gets rinsed off in there, whether it be meat particles or dirt or make up, doesn’t make it down the drain. If you go long enough with out rinsing your sink, not only will it look gross, but it can swiftly become a toxic germ haven.

Now, while proper disinfection is still important, it’s also worth adding tooth paste to your sink cleaning routine. Just squirt, scrub and all that hard water build up is no match for some good old Crest, or what ever your favorite brand might be.

Head lights too dull? Use tooth paste.

When it comes to aesthetics, even the most beat up old piece of junk can look like a nice, slick automobile if proper care and attention is paid to it. One of the key ways that many people separate nice and not so nice car is, quite often, the overall appearance of the head lights. Once things get murky, it lowers the overall appearance of the car quite a bit. An ordinary cleaning will help, but if you add some tooth paste to the mix, those head lights will really pop!

Old silver.

Whether it’s silver jewelry, silverware, or what have you, there are few materials in the world that have the beautiful appearance of this special metal. However, silver doesn’t age well, if you don’t pay proper attention to it. After a few too many years of use, even the most beautiful silver necklace will get dull and faded.

Tooth paste, weirdly enough, is a nice solution for this. If you brush it on the silver, it will clean and eliminate the dullness, leaving you silver items sparkly again.