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Use Hydrogen Peroxide to boost your dish washing. Add 1/2 c to your dish washing liquid to make it more powerful to remove food stains. Break up tough food stains by doing this: Make a paste with H2O2 and baking soda, rub it into the hardened food stains, soak for about 25 minutes, return and scour away with some warm water. scrubbing will be easy by the time you return!

Hydrogen peroxide, also called H2O2 is one of the best natural cleaning agents that you need to have in your cleaning closet. It is so versatile and has been proven to be effective in stain removal, and cleaning around the home. It is good for skin, oral treatments, and so much more.

H2O2 is used as an oxidizer, bleaching agent, and antiseptic. Here is one wonderful use you can apply around the home and take advantage of this cost effective product.

Washing with hydrogen peroxide- Brighten your white clothes by adding a cup or two of peroxide to your laundry and let it soak for about an hour and then wash as normal. H2O2 is a natural bleach alternative which removes stains just as well. And you can purchase it at your Dollar Tree.

Sanitize tooth brushes with H2O2! After each use, dip your brush is some hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria and prevent the build up of germs, mildew, and mold between uses.

You can also pour a small amount into a spray bottle( Dollar Tree) and spray onto your toothbrush. Make this a part of your daily cleaning routine!

Your computer, keyboard, and mouse are prone to bacteria building up and can be a major contributor to cross-contamination. Dampen a soft clean cloth with hydrogen peroxide and wipe down your computer set. You may want to wipe down things like your phone, tv remotes and other electronic devices.