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How to decorate a small living room for Christmas.

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Decorating for Christmas when you have a small living room can be quite a challenge.

There’s typically very little room for a tree and not many surfaces to decorate, so making it feel festive takes some creativity.

Our current home has a very small living room and each year we live here I find myself working hard to come up with new ways to maximize our space with Christmas decor. With out making it feel cluttered or over the top.

If you have a small living room and are facing this same struggle, try these decorating ideas for small spaces.

Designer secrets for how to decorate a Christmas tree. Check this post out for more tips on decorating for

Christmas living room decorations ideas – When can you start decoration for Christmas?

I always say, do what makes you happy when it comes to decorating your home.

Want Christmas music on and the tree up in October? Do it!

The typical time frame for people to decorate for Christmas is between November 1st and December 15th.

How can I make my house feel like Christmas?

There are lots of ways to give your home the “Chrsitmassy” feel – many of which have to do with how nostalgic you feel.

What most reminds you of the warm, cozy Christmas feeling?

Is it the Christmas music playing in the back ground?

Maybe its the scent of fir trees? Or the glow of lights?

Brain storm what makes you “feel” Christmas, and do those.

In terms of decor, easy ways to make your house feel like Christmas include the following:

  • Greenery (tree, garland, branches, wreath.
  • Christmas colors – red, green, gold, silver. (blankets, pillows, ribbon, art work)
  • Holiday themed figurines (trees, santas, angels, stars, reindeer)

Cozy Christmas living room decor.

Blankets- One of the easiest ways to add a touch of Christmas to you small living room is by adding a holiday colored throw blanket.

Pillows- Dress up your sofa or hearth with some holiday cheer by adding a few Christmas or winter pillows.

They don’t have to be the traditional Christmassy styles like santa or snow flakes either. Try faux or textured white for a cozy holiday touch.

Candles- Candles are super cozy – so add a few around the room – whether that on a side table, coffee table or the mantel.

Rugs- Make the space extra soft under foot by layering your rugs or adding a soft rug to the top of a hard surface like a coffee table.

Christmas tree ideas for small spaces.

Trees are a classic Christmas decor element, but finding space for one in a small living room is almost impossible!

Rather than trying to squeeze a huge tree into your space, try a pencil tree and a smaller skirt alternative instead.

Slim or pencil trees- If your small living room doesn’t have much room for a tree (ours definitely doesn’t) then one of the best options is a slim or pencil tree.

Slim trees are designed to have a smaller base, but still keep the triangular feel, while pencil trees are super skinny and take up less than two feet of space in diameter.

I’ve tried the large trees before but it always felt shoved into a corner with out enough space and never gave the room a classy finished look.

Skirt alternatives- Rather than the traditional large tree skirt (that takes up a 3 ft diameter space in your floor) try an alternative like a throw or a basket around your tree.

A throw can take up just enough floor space to cover the stand, making the space feel larger.

Don’t plan to put gifts under the tree? Try a basket under neath to give it the feeling of being a stand alone piece of decor.

Gift placement- If your space is limited underneath the tree, try placing them in creative spots thoughout the room – like on the hearth or next to the entertainment center.

How much space do you need for a Christmas tree?

Depending on the type of tree you get, you’ll need a space that anywhere from from 2-6 ft in diameter.

Traditional fir trees range from 3-5 ft in diameter and then you’ll want to account for about 6 inches around the bottom of the branches for gifts to be on display.

If you have a small living room like i do, I recommend you try a pencil or slim tree to save space like mentioned above.

Christmas fire place ideas.

Mantel decor- One of my favorite decor items for the mantel during Christmas is garland.

To save on cost, get a basic faux green garland strand (they’re actually pretty cheap) to use as your base, and then each year simply change up it position and pick/decor with in it.

For positioning, try it laid on top of the mantel, swagged underneath. The wonderful thing about a mantel is it doesn’t take up floor space in your small living room so it’s a designated spot for seasonal decor.

Have fun with this space – add things you love.

A few decor ideas in addition to the garland are mirrors, large or small prints or signs, small figurines, vases filled with stems or bulbs, candles, lanterns.

Hearth decor- If your fire place has a hearth, use it as a place to add a few more simple decor items, like a larger free standing figurine, pillows or a basket of wood.

By putting pillows and/or a blanket on your hearth, your inviting guests to use it as seating – a great idea for maximizing your space in a small living room.

Other Christmas decoration ideas for a small living room.

Make the most of your small space with these simple Christmas living room ideas.

Wooden boxes or bowls- To maximize on the small amounts of table top space in a small living room, place groupings of seasonal decor in wooden boxes or bowls as a way of adding lots of little things with out feeling cluttered.

Garland- Drape or lay non-greenery garland (like beads or pom pom garlands) in the few places you have available, like over a picture or sign or on top of a simple table top display.

Signs- Grab a few festive holiday signs and hang them in place of your year around prints or framed photos.

Scenes- Try using one of your table tops to display a scenic, like a nativity or village.

Ok, let’s review shall we?

How to decorate a small living room for Christmas.

  • Start as early as you want. Likely any time after November 1st.
  • Choose Christmas themed decor elements to give the Christmas feel.
  • Add seasonal cozy elements, like blankets, pillows, candles, and rugs.
  • Use a space saving alternative like setting up a pencil tree, using a throw instead of a skirt, and placing gifts on the hearth.
  • Maximize the use of your mantel and hearth by adding fun, simple pieces of decor.
  • Group other types of decor in wooden boxes or bowels to make the most of your limited space.
  • Add decor to your walls by hanging non greenery garland or seasonal signs.
  • Put scenes like nativities or villages out on a large surface if there’s room.

Easy peasy right?

I hope this helps you get some fabulous decor up in your small living room.

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