How to keep your house clean when you have a dog.

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So I’ve been talking about my house alot haven’t I. Did you see my article about laundry management? My house is truly my pride and joy at the moment but I bet you’ve been wondering how we keep it clean with a dog running around. Especially seeing as he sheds all year long. And like other dogs, he occasionally treats himself to a doggy spa treatment – the poo – roll.

However, it isn’t all bad – having a dog doesn’t mean your house is dirty, it just means you need to take a few extra steps to keep on top of everything, plus a few more if you or a member of your family are allergic to pets (in case you’re only thinking about getting a dog, take your time and learn about some of the breeds). But don’t worry, after being a doggy parent for the last few years and a huge amount of the trial and error, I’ve worked out all the best techniques keep things spick and span, promise.

Rubber gloves: This is the cheapest and most effective way of removing hairs from fabric and carpets. Just pop on a rubber glove, lightly dampen under the tap, then rub over the fabric/carpet. You’ll be amazed at how many hairs you’ll gather up.

Pet blankets: I have put pet blankets on all of my dogs favorite places to relax and its made my life so much easier. They are all made from super light weight fleece material so they wash and dry really quickly. I was them once a week to eliminate any lingering dog smells and keep them fresh during the week by shaking them outside to get rid of any excess hairs using products like fabreeze for a freshen up.

Clean pet bowls and toys: Pets lick their bowls clean every morning so you’d think it would be alright for his next meal – how ever even though his bowl looks fresh and clean, under the surface pet bowls are the perfect breeding ground for nasty bacteria. I’m sure you woudn’t eat from the same bowl everyday with out washing it. so why should your pet. I wash his bowl using our normal dish washing liquid, for added protection I always buy the anti bacterial kind.

Groom your dog: If you regularly brush your dog, this will help slow down the shedding with in the house. I like to take the brush with on walks, and brush away from the house (trust me, even doing this up by the garden, the hair still ends up back in the house) We also bathe him every so often after he rolls in something stinky or has been jumping in mud puddles. Just make sure you use dog shampoo, and it’ll keep your pet smelling perfect.

Keep an old towel by the door: Dogs have a habit of finding the dirtiest spots to roll on, don’t be caught out by having to walk your muddy wet dog through the house. Leave an old towel by the front door so you can give your dog a rub down before their paws hit the carpet.

Skunk spray/tomato ketchup: Skunk smell is the worst smell in the world, but dogs absolutely love it. Even after a bath the smell can still linger so we use a skunk scent spray, or if you don’t have any at home you can rub tomato ketchup into your dogs fur while they are in the bath, leave for a minute or so (try to keep them from licking it off, or shaking) and rinse. This will remove that nasy odor, who knew.

So I hope these tips help you out – cleaning up after a dog really isn’t too difficult and for the amount of love they give in return, it’s totally worth it.

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