Practical family laundry management tips with kids.

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Remember those pre kid days, when laundry was just so… easy? You know when you would come home from work one night, casually do the laundry over the next day or so, and you were done for the week?

Enter the laundry monsters… the babies.

You know… those cute, chubby, innocent little people who have these magical powers to destroy anything they wear with spit up, poop, pureed carrots, and more.

And anyone who tells you it gets easier as they get older is flat out lying… at least when it comes to laundry (after all…those cute spit upped-on onsies eventually get replaced with stinky, sweaty, sports clothes)

With that, let me give you six real life practical family laundry management tips when you have kids.

1.) Forget laundry day.

Alright, who decided that the concept of laundry day was a good idea? Really people, when you have kids, spills and stains happen every day. And I know I’m not the only mom whose kid got ketchup all over their shirt and so I just decided to start a whole load of laundry right then and there.

So, if you have a system that revolves around a single day but you a) find yourself doing laundry more than that day because there’s too many or b) aren’t getting stains out/clothes clean because they’ve been sitting around for a week, it’s time to change your system.

Exception: If you don’t have your own washer and dryer, having a laundry day makes sense because running back and forth to the laundry mat is time consuming.

Personally, I do at least a load every day. Trust me, it sounds worse than it is. Read the next tip to find out why…

2.) Use the delay setting.

Almost everyone I know will run their dishwasher overnight, but almost no one I know takes advantage of the delay on their washer to do over night.


Unless you got loads of time (pun intended) on your hands, you should be using that setting! Put a load of laundry in and delay start it so the clothes are done washing with in a few hours of you waking up. Then while your morning coffee is brewing throw them in the dryer. Poof! One load of laundry done for the day.

3.) Make the kids help.

Ok, any kiddo under the age of one is exempt from this rule. But beyond that, kids contribute dirty clothes so they should help with clean laundry.

Adjust their laundry responsibility based on their age, for example, I just make little grasshopper practice putting his laundry away by giving him one article of clothing at a time and asking him to put it in his dresser. But a teen boy who has to wash his football uniform regularly is completely capable of learning how to wash the uniform himself (with your guidance.)

4.) Keep the machine clean

Here’s the thing… if your washing machine is dirty, your clothes can’t get 100% clean. At least once a month make sure you clean your washer according to the manufactures directions. This is especially important if you have an HE machine because they use less water. A clean machine means you’re less likely to feel the need to was your kids clothes a second (or third) time, because they didn’t come clean the first time.

5.) Don’t let stains set.

Back in the days when little grass hopper was an infant we lived in a one bedroom apartment and didn’t have out own washer and dryer. As a result I struggled getting stains out of his clothes because I didn’t want to pay to wash loads of laundry that weren’t full. But eventually I got smart…

You see, stains are a much bigger pain to get out if you let them dry. In fact, probably 95% of the stain removal “tricks” aren’t even necessary if we deal with them right away.

What should you do then? As soon as your kids stain an article of clothing, rinse it and put it in a bucket of warm water with a small amount of detergent. Simply leave the stained clothing in the bucket until your ready to do the wash keeping the stain we helps prevent it from setting into the clothes, which makes removing it a whole lot easier.

6.) Keep a “special care” list handy.

We all have those few articles of clothing (or handmade blankets) that need special care when it comes to laundry. But when you have a whole families worth of laundry to deal with remembering all those little details can get overwhelming.

Save yourself the time and hassle of looking at the care tags over and over by making a list of laundry items that need special care and write what that care is. You can tape the list in your laundry room and use it to separate your special care items accordingly.

There, you have my 6 practicle family laundry management tips when you have kids.

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  1. This is the right blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!

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