Practical tips for getting your mama body to the pool!

Its worth it! Totally worth it! The hassle, discomfort, the stuffing of this mom body into a spandex suit over and over again!

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I just read a post from and loved it! So much, that it inspired me to write this post. The author encourages moms to stop worrying about their body image, and get in the water with their kids.

It was a total inspiration for me. I struggle so much with my appearance. Especially after being diagnosed with thyroid disease. Which has caused me to gain weight.

I was so inspired, that I want to share with you what I learned.

Look the part

So from the fashion part of me. Nothing irritates me more than someone wearing a 1940s costume with a 2014 hairstyle.


What I mean is, be will to play your role, all the way. Step into your character as a mom with kids.

Sure its awesome if your a fit mom or a slim mom, but not everyone gets to be cast as that character. Every play needs a frazzled mom, and an overweight mom, and a mom who doesn’t have the time or money to keep her hair from frizzing. Its these characters who make the play interesting.

So this is my take on the play itself. I’m a mom. I’m working on getting fit, but, in the mean time I’m embracing my role!

Get swim wear your comfortable wearing.

OK, so the first part is more of a pep talk, but now I’m getting specific. There are some sorts of modest, comfortable bathing suits out there. Unfortunately most are crazy expensive. Like $80-100. For a cheapskate like me, if I wasn’t fully convinced I would wear it more than twice in the summer, that price tag would make me decide I just couldn’t do it.

And that would be my final excuse for not heading to the pool.

So, here’s what I do. I buy board shorts. I’ve done the swim skirts before. But don’t like how they float up in the water.

I’m sure you can find these at amazon, or other places. But I get mine at Kohls. (Because I work there) For around $10 – $15. You can wear a one-piece with the shorts. But that makes bathroom trips quite difficult. (especially if you have kids small enough that they have to come with)

I grab a bikini bottom, usually off of the clearance rack. I don’t care what it looks like, since it wont be seen. It’s like swim undies.

Then I’ll spend a little more for a tankini top. I’ve seen then just about everywhere that sells clothing, starting at around $15.00.

The total cost was around $40.00 but I’ve worn the same shorts for about 3 years now. But some items were out faster with intense use.

Oh, and one more hint, thats really just a person opinion, Halter tankinis make you look awesome. Seriously! They lift things that need to be lifted. But… if the things you need lifted are heavy, it will eventually kill your neck. I’m all about being comfortable, so DON’T do halters.

Prepare realistically

If you read and relate to this blog, theres a chance you’re the mom who loves to think of everything possible you would need to make a trip to the pool perfect. You might even make a list. (Yes, that s me by the way) And the first time you would rock it.

But then life happens. So here are a few tips I’ve learned from experience.

  • Drip drying works. Who needs towels!
  • A bag of unmeltable, special snacks marked pool only is a good alternative to making snack choices on a daily basis,
  • Small slushies are cheap if you forget the special snacks.

Honestly, the only thing I never forget (because we keep it in the truck) is the sunscreen. FYI Banana boat is great – but if your into the chemical free type as am I head over to Grove Collaborative! Use this link to get an awesome deal on your first order!

And if your like me – and you dont like to spread goop on your face, get a hat

Just go!

I had to get a cover up and bring a friend to talk to are other things to include. But I’m going to skip that. Just go! If you avoided going with your kids, the first time will be uncomfortable and awkward but thats ok. My main motivation for being purposeful about going all the time is that there’s nothing more fun to stay active in Wisconsin summers. My kids are in awesome shape every summer.

My second motivation is the joy I get from watching my kids experience childhood.

I do get in the water. I do play with them some. But its also ok for me to yak with my mama friends while we tread water or just stand in the shallows, while the kids make their own fun.

With out any direction from me, they spend summers learning to dive by practicing. They organize relay races. They use splash balls and pool noodles to play base ball with kids they wouldn’t recognize at school when everyones wearing clothes. They have jumping contests and make funny hair styles by flipping their hair up in the water.

Its’s worth it! Totally worth the hassle of discomfort of stuffing this mom body into a spandex suit over and over again!

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