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Simple day after Christmas ideas to help you catch your breath.

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It’s the day after Christmas. Generally this day is a flood of emotions that can vary from one person to the next, however, I think there is one word that most likely describes us all. Exhausted! Maybe your home is like mine with all the extra food, all the packaging from gifts, the used wrapping paper, and more. And then there may be a pile of returns. UHG! But, the day after Christmas doesn’t have to bring you stress. It can actually be a peaceful day if you allow it.

Sound like a dream?

It’s not. Just keep reading.

You may still be in the midst of exhaustion if your Christmas festivities are still continuing. Whether today marks the end of your holiday or that day is yet to come for you. We all must resume our regular lives in the midst of the exhaustion that holidays leave in their wake.

How then are we to do this? How do we dig ourselves out from torn packaging, mountains of wrapping paper and the kitchen most likely has fallen victim to holiday cooking of some kind. Then there is the endless amounts of toys that need to be assembled or brought to life with endless batteries.

Lets not forget about the sugured up sleep deprived most likely regular rule breaking kids since there is rarely room for regular rules in the midst of holiday cheer.

Feel like your head is spinning yet?

Here are some simple day after Christmas things you can do so you can catch your breath.

1 Take a breath

We must start here. If there is one thing I know as an exhausted, sleep deprived, over loaded, over full, and stressed out post holiday mom it is the need to start with a deep breath. Most likely, you probably have not had a deep breath since last week some time.

2 Prioritize what needs to be done.

The list of things that need to be done all seem urgent, but the entire list of what needs to be done can’t be urgent. We only have so many hours in a day. As a mom, we are in the midst of trying to get our kids to return to normal as well. Take a quick inventory of what needs to be done in the near future. Then, put this inventory list in order from the most important to the least important.

3 Make a plan.

Plan the times that you will be devoting to working your way through your prioritized list of tasks. We all still have our regular lives, so fitting in all the extras that the holiday rush thrusts in our lap will have to be planned into our daily schedules, most likely little by little.

Nothing is more essential to me in doing this then my planner.

4 Start with good enough rather than perfection.

Start with making things good enough to get by.

Do you have a bunch of things that need to be returned?

Start by gathering them in one place. Then, get the necessary receipts and put them in a bag or box in your car, ready to be returned.

Do you have a bunch of clothes that your kids need to try on? Try putting them in a neat pile somewhere in their room. This way they are out of the way, but not causing a bunch of clutter around your home. You can get to them when you can get to them.

I’m sure you have a bunch of new things that all need places to go in your house. With a family of 6, the new things that now need to find homes is astounding.

My favorite way of handling this is to break the things down, room by room, and then put each rooms things in a box or bag in the room that it will be put in. Again, this way I can get to it, when I can get to it.

5 Accept what is.

Accept that your house, your kids, and your life will be in a state of disarray for the next little while. Just accept it now- you can’t change it anyway. Know that things will go back to normal in a few days, at least ideally.

6 Look past what isn’t great.

Look past the things you can’t get to right now. Look past the box of stuff waiting for your attention in each room. Know that it is already partially tended to since you have started organizing things to be put away. But, look past the fact that everything isn’t done to completion at this point in the game. You’ll get there eventually.

7 Work in order.

Get one area or room completely done before moving on to another area. I find it to be so much better if I can get one room completely under control. Then, when I feel over whelmed by another area, I can breath in the solace of the one completed room I have.

It also motivates me to keep going on the rest as I can check rooms off of my list.

9 Rest.

I put this last on the list not because it is the least important. In fact it maybe the most important thing, and it is something that you need to start working in to your digging out process right from the start.

Recognize that in most cases, you have had several long days, all in a row. This means that you need some time to rest and recuperate. Resist the urge to pass over this rest part in an effort to have more time to devote to the things on your list that are screaming at you. Plan some time for rest into each day.

More importantly, get to bed on time tonight and in the nights to follow. You are no good to anyone when you continue to run on fumes.

Although we all love the holidays, the after part is not nearly as much fun. How ever, with every Christmas holiday season comes the time of transition and let down. When Christmas is finally over.

Being intentional is breathing deeply, prioritizing and planning, creating ways that things can be good enough to get by while looking past everything else, and getting rest will help you get back on track and to sanity in your life once again.

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