Start doing instead of planning.

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This is a story about how I realized that it’s way more important to actually do instead of never ending planning. We tend to get sucked into a planning process – when and how we will make things happen. We like waiting for the perfect moment and being ready. So this is a simple reminder that things get done when you do them. Here’s how to start doing instead of planning.

Do you ever feel like you’re running in circles?

Coming up with new ideas – planning – starting – but never going anywhere.

I read several articles on medium related to this topic (you’ll find them at the end of this post) and it hit me, why are we wasting our time creating the perfect path if nothing will ever be perfect and we’ll get loads more results from getting started.

It was my personal wake up call to review my working habits and start thinking that maybe, just maybe, I’m doing something terribly wrong. If you feel like you could get more done if you’d leave your fears and doubts behind, read on.

I’m part of the millenials which basically means that although I know there is a life behind computer screens and information can be found in books, I still find myself stuck by the computer for most of the day. As some one recently stated,

“We used to visit the internet, now we live here”

Well, it’s also my source of income, my holy grail, of creativity and much more. It’s not at all a waste of time.

But looking at the hours spent by my laptop has made me think:

  • What are the actual useful things I do when I’m on line?
  • What are the daily routines I;m just stuck with?
  • How can I improve this time and make it count?

When I started using rescue time I saw the real statistic of what was going on. There was too much time spent on stuff.

On stuff that was some what useful, but mostly – not as useful as I’d like to be. Those were inspirational articles, time spent in facebook groups, net working hours or email answering.

I realized that alot of my time is spent on managing, for planning, for preparing to make things work. But when it came to getting it done – so much of the time had already passed – it was no use.

And soon afterward I realized that I’m trying to catch up with way too much information and be too present.

If you feel anything like me, make sure to read some simple yet very effective tips on how to deal with this information and to do overload your getting yourself into.

How to start doing instead of planning.

Step 1: Get more intentional about things you do.

The very moment when I realized how much kind of useful stuff I do. I started rethinking not only my business but my whole life.

Where else was I spending my time with no real out come? What are the things I do, think about and have that should not be a part of my life.

That’s when I got into minimalism. I started reading about it and under stood how out focus can be changed by having less. Fewer tasks on a to do list as well as fewer clothes in the closet.

As soon as we start focusing on what really matters and throw out the rest, the value of your time increases and things get done.

Ask yourself what will serve you in the long run.

Don’t do things just because they are in your way, they seem to be convenient or someone said you should get on them.

Be mindful about your time and where you invest it. Strive to seek reasons behind the tasks on your list. Review and evaluate where your 24 hours really go.

Step 2: Stop consuming useless information and stop doing useless musts.

Unless you don’t know that you’re screwed, no one will be able to realize this for you. It’s like an addiction.

As long as you see the problem, there is a solution. And here are some things to consider.

Decide what’s really important.

Remember: It’s not about doing either boring or fun stuff. It’s about doing what matters. There’s always an addtional time in your life for fun and having time off is crucial. But it’s also important to have quality time off, not just sitting by the TV.

  • Will it be reading marketing strategy books or watching the new?
  • Will making your to do list prettier or checking something off that list make you more productive?
  • Which apps are just for numb fun and which for educational or useful purposes?
  • What TV shows can you find inspiration from and what eat more of your time than anything else?
  • What activites you do just to escape what you really need to get done.

Eliminate the rest.

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