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The amazing one touch organizing system that will change your life.

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One touch organizing

Did you find yourself constantly searching for things? Or spending way too much of your day being overwhelmed by your cluttered surroundings? I’ve got you. I’ve been there too, for way too long. I’ll show you how the “one touch organizing system” can bring you peace to your home and give you back precious time in your day.

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What is clutter? The best description for clutter I have found is: objects you don’t love/like, and items you don’t use, that are taking up space in your life.

Think of how much calmer your morning would start, if you stepped into your kitchen and all the counters were clear, except for one decor item that made you smile at its beauty. Imagine your empty sink sparkling clean.

I used to get up, head for the kitchen to make coffee and see the sink of dishes from the previous night, and immediately want to go back to bed and forget the day. The good news, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can start every morning in a peaceful environment.

Cluttered counters are my nemesis.

I know you have some clutter attracting area in your home, that’s your main pet peeve. mine is cluttered counters! Hands down, to me cluttered counters in my house cause me the most stress.

My goal at the end of the day is to have all counters and the dining table clear.

What is one touch organizing?

So what do I mean by one touch organizing? Well the goal is to only touch each item once. For example, when I come home from work I have some practices in place, to prevent clutter and ensure I am not searching for items I need in the morning.

I have a process I use before I even get in the house, to start my nest morning right. When I turn my car off, my car keys go on a clip on my purse. Yes, before I even get out of my car. As I enter my house, I don’t set my purse and work materials down on my counter. Instead I take my purse and work bag and put them directly in my hall closet. It has been years since I’ve searched for my purse or keys. It seems strange to me now, to heat someone say they are late because they couldn’t find their keys. But there was a time I operated the same way.

One touch organizing in the kitchen.

Why use the one touch organizing system? Lets look at the kitchen.

Let’s say you finish dinner and take your dirty dishes to the sink to clean latter. Then later you come back to wash them or put them in the dish washer. Depending on how long it takes you to get back to them, you may now have to soak them prior to putting them in the dish washer or washing them. Do you see how dealing with them right away will save you time latter?

Using the one touch system, I will rinse my dishes and immediately put them in the dishwasher once a day at night, after dinner I wipe down all the kitchen counters, set my coffee pot up for the next morning, and I turn on the dish washer as I head to bed.

When I step into the kitchen in the morning, I start the coffee and while it brews I unload the dishwasher. The dishes are done, the sink is sparkling clean, and I’m ready to enjoy my coffee in a stress free kitchen. So ultimately you can see how much time, and frustration I save myself.

One touch meal prep.

I do meal prep once a week. While meal prep in its self is a time saver, the one touch method saves even more time.

When I started doing meal prep I would fill large containers with cut veggies, fruit, cheese ect. But I wanted my meal prep to be a little more efficient. Rather than using large containers, I now prep snacks straight into individual servings. I do this in two ways, using individual sandwich bags, or reusable plastic containers.

And while I’m on the subject of meal prep, let’s look at food expiration dates. Because my children are all grown up now, I find food products will expire before I use them up. It happens with salad dressings and deli meats the most. I hate constantly searching for expiration dates, and often once you’ve been using a product for a month or so, the expiration date is often unreadable. My solution is that as I unpack groceries, I take a sharpie pen and write the expiration date on the top of each product. When I go through my fridge, I can quickly see what needs to be tossed with out picking up every bottle and dragging out my magnifying glass.

One touch organizing for your mail.

If you are anything like me, I actually get three times the amount of junk mail, as I do actual bills and needed information. I find nothing clutters my table or counters quicker than a stack of unfiltered mail.

Before the mail even comes across the threshold of our house, I pull out junk mail, newspapers, flyers, weekly coupons and put them into the recycling. If I want to look through a flyer, I go get the flyer out of the recycling bin, when I have time to read it. I like to handle my mail this way because there is no stack of clutter on the counter, but if I think I need something later, it’s in the recycling bin.

One touch laundry

The key to not handling dirty laundry over and over, is to take it off immediately and put it into sorted laundry baskets. While it may seem easier at the time to put all your laundry in one big bin waiting until laundry day to separate it. I beg to differ with you. Sorting dirty laundry as you remove it, saves you from having to touch it multiple times sorting later.

By separating your laundry into separate baskets, when a basket is full you can easily pour the whole thing in to the washer with out having to go through it again. I particularly like a laundry sorter with an attached ironing board. This is how you save time. Even if you live in a small space, there are small sorting systems that will fit.

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Summing it up, clutter is a time suck. There is no other way to look at it. By freeing your time from clutter and searching for things, you give yourself more time for family, fun, and friends. Putting some systems inplace, to reduce clutter and promote easy organization.

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