The bathroom

I’m going to be very honest here. I absolutely HATE cleaning the bathroom. It is my very least favorite room of the house to clean . Much less even think about decluttering or organizing this room. There are a few reasons for this. One is, it gross! And my bathroom is very tiny, and just altogether hard to organize in a way that is appealing, or easily able to get what we need. But I have come up with 9 steps that will help get you headed in the right direction. And I’m sure, it will seem like alot, when you are first getting into the good habits of cleaning. But once you have mastered the first and hardest part. The actual declutter and organize, that is. The rest will be a piece of cake!

These are my 9 steps

  • 1- Declutter
  • 2- keep counters clean and clutter free.
  • 3- Use inside cabinet doors for storage
  • 4- Use drawer dividers.
  • 5- Have a caddy, or space for each member of you house.
  • 6- Add a laundry bin.
  • 7- Hang towels from hooks instead of towel holders.
  • 8- Use clear containers

Seems like alot. Yes I know. And remember, you do NOT have to finish it in one day. Just do what you can. Even if you only do one drawer or one shelf at a time. A little goes a long way. But really, once you get into the habit of doing this. It wont seem nearly so bad. I promise!! Keep in mind, that I am struggling right along with you. I’ve been working for over a year now at being better organized. So believe me when I say it does get easier.

The above is what my very tiny bathroom is like. I wanted you all to know what I’m dealing with. As you can see, I have very limited storage space. So we keep only the most used items in here.

Okay, so I promised you tell you how I keep my bathroom clean and organized. So I’ll begin with the cleaning steps. How often you clean really actually depends on how much you use it. For example, if you have four people using your bathroom every day, you would need to clean more often. Verses a person who lives alone. So use your best judgment here. I have 3 in my family, So I deep clean once a week . I wipe down surfaces, and clean the toilet twice a week. That’s a total of three cleanings per week. When I clean I like to start with the sink area, or counter top if you have one. I have 3 favorite products that I like to use. Generally I like to stay as chemical free as I can. But some jobs just require something a little stronger lol. So I start by spraying an anti bacterial spray on all the surfaces. Then some glass cleaner to my mirrors. Then some tub and tile cleaner in the tub. (I do periodically use comet cleanser since we have very hard water here) While that is working, I go back to the sink. wiping it all down. As a rule I use paper towel in the bathroom. But I do also use lysol wipes as well. I never use wash clothes, as I’ve mentioned, the bathroom is that one area that has the most germs in all your house!! After I’ve completed my sink area, I go to the toilet, repeat the process of wiping the surfaces. Then scrub your toilet. Some people prefer to use the brush and bowl cleaner system. I have found the clorox toilet wand is best for me. That way there is no icky brush to store and I never have to touch anything. Since they are disposable. Then I move to the tub, scrubbing from top to bottom. Give it a rinse, and your done!!

That was the easy part!

A few of my favorite bathroom cleaners

Now we head into the decluttering part.

We will start with the towels. Keep no more then 3 per person. And are no more then two years old. At the point the begin to fray and become less absorbent.

Cosmetics- Toss anything that is past the expiration dates. Then decide what you where and either donate or give away to friends, what you do not ware anymore.

Make up brushes- pick out just the ones you use regularly. Toss and the have frayed bristles. Wash the remaining in baby shampoo or other mild soap to keep them soft.

Hair assecories- Pick out the ones you use, toss the rest!

Skin care products- If it doesn’t work for you, you don’t use it, or prefer another. Then its time to toss it.

Hair care products- Do the same as skin care.

Nail polish- If stored properly, (out of the sun, cool dark area). It should last a few years. Keep only what you really like. Toss the rest.

Medicines- This really shouldn’t be stored in the bathroom. Because of the temp fluctuation, in can cause certain things to go bad. So toss what has expired, (into a different bin, so it can be disposed of safely) Then find a different place, such as a kitchen cabinet or drawer.

Beauty appliances- If you haven’t used it in 6 months, its time to go.

Brushes/combs- Toss what you no longer use. Clean what you do.

Bathroom cleaning supplies- Toss what you don’t use, or like. If you have multiples, try to combine them. Keeping the one with the least amount towards the front.

Counter clutter- Space is prime real estate here. Store as many items away as you can. While still keeping it easy to reach when needed.

Bath toys- These can be stored many different ways. If you would like to check out my ideas, You can visit my pinterest page. Simply saving spaces. Where I have a ton of other storage ideas as well!