The best way to organize your kitchen in 4 easy steps.

The kitchen is the one place I spend a majority of my time in. Whether it be cooking, washing dishes, making snacks, I am in the area alot. So of course this is the area I chose to start my cleaning and decluttering. Its still not perfect, but I continually work at it often. I have found there are 4 steps that work pretty well for me. I will list them as well as give you a feel details that will help in deciding what to do.

  • Step 1 Clean out and decide what stays in each cabinet. Do this by placing all items on the floor or other available area.
  • Step 2 Clean out and wipe down all areas. You may want to put in liners now if you wish to do so.
  • Step 3 Divide and conquer! Make a home for everything. Before putting away, group all like items to be put away.
  • Step 4 Now we begin to organize. Start with the upper cabinets first then the lowers.
My upper cabinet, where I keep dishes.

I have a very small kitchen, with little space to store items. But this is how I do things. It seems to work rather well for me. But since your kitchen is different then mine, you will have play around with things until you get it the way it works best for you.

This is how I like to start. When you are arranging items to go back, make sure to group like items. Stack according to type. For example, I have stacked the biggest plates on the bottom, then worked up to the smaller ones. Remember to place items you use the most where they will be easy to get to. If you have glass doors, you may want to think about what you want to be visible.

As you see in the above picture, I have all my plates and bowls in the lower shelves. I have spacial items that i use only on Holidays or items that I use occasionally at the very top.

In my lower cabinets I have stored my pots and pans. Also a few baking dishes. This is the cabinet closest to my stove. Because that just makes sense right? I’ve used a pan rack to help save space. I also separate the lids by placing them in a plastic bin. When I need a lid I just pull out the bin, and get what I need. But another option for storage may be at the very top of your cabinets.

Silverware should be stored in a flat drawer. Make sure to separate them! Designate a place or a drawer for cooking tools like your spoons and spatulas. Best placed by your stove as well.

Food should have its own cabinet of shelf. You wouldn’t want cereal and spices to be mixed up!

Appliances that you use everyday should be kept on top of your counters. Toasters, coffee pots, can openers, ect. Other larger items should be kept in an out of the way shelf, or at the very top of your cabinets.

Other items include kitchen towels, oven mitts, storage container,and aluminum foil, plastic baggies, and other like items. The are many different ways to store these. Whether you choose to use a drawer, basket or other alternative, label and make sure to always put it back in its home!

Cleaning supplies and extra dish soaps, and other like items should be stored under the sink. Since that is the most convenient place.

Last of all, there is the junk drawer. We all have one. (or two or three!) I will leave that to you to decide where it should go. We all know what works best for us.