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The best way to store Christmas decorations.

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Does the packing away of Christmas decorations send you in a spin? Is it something that you know you need to do but you just dread the thought of it?

Don’t panic! It doesn’t have to be done in one go, take your time and get those decorations packed way and stored ready for next year.

You must pack them properly and store them where they are safe and easily accessible for next year.

Why focus on how to store decorations?

There is nothing more annoying than opening up you box of decorations to find a tangled mess of lights and treasured decorations that need sorting and deep cleaning before you can even start decorating for the holidays.

This is why it is so important to put them away properly to ensure that it is easier to get them out next year.

How you store your Christmas decorations is important, there is little point throwing things in a box and hoping they will survive.

You might get away with one year, but you are chancing your luck if you don’t store things properly.

Storing things separately.

You can’t put some items together, it just wont work. You need to work out what items you’ve got and the appropriate way to store them.

This could mean that you have alot of different storage containers and finding the right item that you are looking for is difficult unless you label everything.

How to store Christmas lights.

Holiday lights can easily get tangled and almost impossible to sort if you haven’t taken the time to put them carefully.

If the packaging that you purchased them in doesn’t come with some sort of way to organize the lights when you take them down you will need a way to keep tangle free.

You can buy a storage reel for lights that ensures next time you want to use them they unwind tangle free. How ever.. if you are looking for a free storage idea, you can easily wrap the lights around a thick piece of card board.

How to pack Christmas ornaments.

Delicate ornaments need careful packing if you’re hoping for them to last another year.

Don’t use newspaper to wrap up ornaments, the print can leak and damage your ornaments.

It’s best to use tissue paper to wrap each individual item and pack them into a card board box that isn’t much bigger than the item. It gives them protection before being placed in a storage box.

You might have gotten a box with the item or you might have a few small shoe boxes that you can use. Just remember to label whats inside.

It’s easier to fill up your sturdy plastic box with smaller boxes than it is to try and fill up a big storage box with delicate items. Just ensure there is enough protection around each item and you don’t put the delicate items on the bottom of the storage box.

Storing snow globes.

If you have any snow globes how you store these is so important. You don’t want them to leak and damage everything else in the container.

After cleaning the snow globe and ensuring it’s in good condition you need to carefully wrap it in tissue paper and then place it in a card board box.

Each snow globe needs to be individually wrapped and boxed on their own before placing in a storage box.

For added protection you could put each snow globe into a bag to ensure if a leak happens it wont ruin the items in the rest of the box.

Storing electronic items.

Electronic toys and accessories are popular but if they have a battery inside take this out and store in a plastic bag if the battery leaks it isn’t going to damage the toy.

I just put the batteries in their bags with the toy. I always write down the size of the battery each item takes and this allows me to plan over the year any extra batteries I might need for the holidays.

It can also mean I can spread the cost over the year too. Of any batteries that I need to buy.

Storing decorations in the garage.

If you put your decorations into plastic containers with lids that are secure you should be ok with storing your decorations in the garage.

You don’t want any unwanted visitors eating away at your decorations which why you need to ensure they are in boxes that vermin can’t enter.

Protection from damp.

If your live with a varied temperature going from extreme cold to warm weather you might also want to think about protectiong items from this change and preventing damp causing damage.

You must ensure that before you store anything the item is completely dry. You can always add in a silica sachet to absorb moisture.

Storing artificial trees in a garage.

It is possible to store your artificial tree in the garage, but I would invest in a protective bag to store it in to ensure that it’s clean and pest free when you go to use it again.

I know the issue with creepy crawlys getting into the things and I would probably clean the tree before putting it up just to be on the safe side.

Storing decorations in the attic.

As with all spaces you have to make sure that where ever you store your decorations that you take the time to ensure they are stored safely and you are able to take them out when you need them.

Make sure that you have stored the decorations in protective boxes and label everything, the last thing you want to do is to spend more time then necessary accessing and locating the decorations.

Let’s recap…

Make sure that your decorations are clean and dry before you start to pack them away.

You don’t have to put everything away in one go. Take your time and do the job properly.

Ensure you have the right equipment to store the decorations so the don’t get broken or tangled.

Label everything to make it easier to find and locate what you are looking for.

Where you store your decorations will depend on what space you have but make sure it’s safe to do so.

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