The secret to arranging an outstanding living room.

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Our living rooms are often the center of the party. We entertain, hold meetings, host parties, and just relax. In many homes, it is the most used room in the house! Some homes have very formal spaces, others are very casual. Regardless of house you use your living room, here are a few rules of thumb to think about when arranging and placing your furniture.

A few different ways you can place your furniture.

Designing a small space can be tricky. Making a room feel as spacious as possible, while adding extra seating. Or which furniture to choose, and where to put it. All spaces present a design challenge. And I am not blessed with a large space, but rather a long narrow space. But here are the suggestions I have. They worked quite well for me.

This is my main focal point.
Focal points can be anything. I have two points in my room. Since it is long and narrow, I have a focal point on each end.

*First and foremost, find your focal point. It is what you want to see first when you walk into the room. This could be a fireplace, special painting, or a wall. Maybe even your tv if that’s your thing!

*Next, we will establish a center point and it does not have to be the middle of the room. Generally a coffee table is used for this. Other ideas could be a large ottoman. Which ever it is, It is the anchor of your room. And will divide the space.

*Now we can select the seating. The correct way is what works best for you. First, figure out the function of your furniture. Do you need extra storage? And watch the traffic flow. Allow 36 in. for the flow. Start with a sofa, and a pair of chairs, this combination works in any space. Use cleaner lines, and petite sofa arms for a small space. Larger rooms can handle bigger bulkier furniture.

*Add flat surfaces. Which most often is a coffee table. A place to set drinks or other items. Don’t forget about end table either! The rule of thumb is to place the coffee table 14-18 inches from the sofa. Whether your room is formal or for everyday living, you want to provide enough surfaces for people to place their drinks. comfortably. How many you have is up to you. Try sitting in each area, and set your coffee down. If you are short of space, but need more surfaces, try nesting tables. They can be moved around when needed, and put back easily when done.

Now we will want to add in some decorative elements. Try to be flexible, you will probably have to move things around more then once before you are fully satisfied with the arrangement.

*Tie the space in with an area rug.

*Use mirrors- If you dont have many windows, or lack in the lighting area. Mirrors can be quite helpful. They will not only help your space look bigger, but adds depth as well.

*Place art work above eye level.

*Add plants.

Try placing a sofa or loveseat by a textured wall, or large window. With small end tables on either side. If you have a corner space, its ideal for a sectional. Not all surfaces need to be square or rectangle either, maybe a round or oval shaped table fits your space better. If your looking to add extra seating, but lack room, small cushions can easily slide under coffee and endtables. Or even double as a foot rest. Some cushions even open for storage!

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