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5 simple but useful purse organization tips.

Keeping your purse clean and organized is a must if you ever want to find anything! But how do you keep your purse organized and clean? These simple purse organization tips will help you solve this problem.

Purses come in all shapes and sizes, and the challenge is to keep them clean and functioning.

Tipping your bag out at the check out looking for your bank card or to see how much change you have in the bottom isn’t practical and it’s stressful too.

The 5 steps to an organized purse or hand bag.

These ideas are simple and easy o implement, but they take practice to keep on top of and not letting your purse or bag get into a mess again.

These are my five tips:

  • Empty out your bag.
  • put like items together and work out whats trash.
  • Organize the items into categories that you want to keep.
  • Find a system that works for for you holding your items in your purse.
  • Keep at it, practice keeping your purse or bag organized.

Simple steps to purse organization

The most important step is to empty out your bag. This is going to allow you to see what you actually have in your bag and what is staying.

Getting into a habit of keeping your bag organized will save you having to do this task.

Sort items into categories, this allows you to judge what you have and what needs a new home.

Then its simply a case of finding ways to keep things together and organized.

How to organize your dresser drawers.

You may have heard me say in the past that I am a very lazy organizer, meaning things must be simple for me in order for me to continue using a certain method of organizing. If it isn’t easy or doesn’t work, then I just wont follow through. Do you have this problem too? The good thing is, once I realize I’m not following through, I will go in search of another way to organize the area I’m failing at. This has happened in the past with my bathroom cabinets. That’s the best part about organizing, it can be changed. Well, about 3 years ago I happened upon a new way of organizing dresser drawers and today is the day I will share with you how to organize your dresser drawers.

By now you have probably heard of Marie Kondo and her best selling book The life changing magic of Tidying up. This book came out the end of 2014 and has taken the organizing world by storm. In her book she talks about the vertical method of organizing your clothes. If you haven’t read her book and are looking to get more organized, I highly recommend it.

If your still laying your clothes on top of one another in your drawers, you wont be by the time you finish reading this amazing way of organizing your drawers. Once you see the results, you will go to your drawers and begin on this new system.

What is the vertical method of organizing?

The vertical method of organizing is when you place your clothing on their side, instead of on top of one another.

The benefits

There are so many benefits using this method, let me give you some of them now.

  • You can see every item in the drawer with out having to move anything.
  • You will wear more of your clothes instead of the same ones over and over again, because you will find clothes you forgot you had.
  • Organizing you clothes this way will save you time every morning while you are getting ready for you day.
  • You have nothing to loose and only a clean and more orderly drawer to gain.
  • No more feelings of frustration when you open your drawer.
  • Your drawers will now make you smile.

Making the change.

  • By using this method you may have to change the way you fold some of your clothes.
  • When you are putting your clothes back in your drawers, it also makes life easier if they are separated by color.
  • Putting clothes away may take a couple extra seconds, but it is well worth extra effort.

When to make the change.

  • If your thinking you don’t have time to do this, here is what I suggest. Do it every night this week for 30 minutes to an hour while you are watching TV. Divide the number of drawers you have available this week and by the end of the week you will be done.

Once you have done this and love it, be sure to share the love and organization in your husbands and children’s drawers as well. The best part is, that if after a month, you don’t end up loving this method as much as I do, you can always go back to the other, more difficult way you organized your drawers before you were introduced to this way.

How to organize your bags and accessories.

Keeping your bags and accessories organized can be a challenge. I keep them in different places throughout my house, with hope that it will be easy to find them when I need them. But, I have fallen into the trap of what I don’t see, I forget about. Does this ever happen to you?

So I have decided to come up with a new game plan for all my bags, accessories and other random items that would fall into this category. That includes floves, head bands, belts, jewlery and scarves.


Start by collecting all your purses, bags scarves, gloves, hats, head bands, jewelry anything that counts as an accessory. Find them in every space they might be hiding.

I check my car, the basement, our laundry room, everywhere I want to make sure that I have every single accessory I own. This way, I can make a reasonable decision about what to keep and what can go.

By seeing everything right in front of you, you will be more thoughtful in what you keep. This is the first step to truly de cluttering your home for good. Always grab all your items and put them in one place. You will be amazed at how much you have accumulated.

2 Categorize

Since we are grabbing all your accessories, I would suggest keeping them in piles based on the category of that item. Put all your purses together, all your earrings, all your gloves, you get the idea.

By categorizing each item, you will gain a better visual for all that you have. And I’m sure you will see right away what you can get rid of. Isn’t that such a nice feeling when you just know what you no longer need?

3 Sort

Start with one category. I personally find that it is easiest for myself if I go about the accessories in this order.

  • Scarves
  • gloves
  • hats
  • belts
  • headbands/hair accessories
  • jewelry
  • bags
  • purses

I suggest doing bags and purses last, because we tend to get really attached to these items. So, by going through some of the less sentimental items first, you will have a better gauge to judge if you really need to keep a particular bag or purse.

I love scarves, so I have a ton of them. But none of them have any sentimental value to me. When I went through my scarves, I was able to be rather objective about what I could discard. Purses and bags can hold more meaning because they can be considered an extention of your self. So really think about what you want to keep and what you are ok with parting with.

As you go through each category, create piles for keep, donate, sell and trash. Put items into the bags as you sort. This will make it easier to clean up once you have finished sorting your accessories.

4 Discard

Once you have finished sorting all your accessories, bags, and purses, you can get rid of all your trash, donate and sell bags. Put your trash bag in the garbage. Put the donate and sell bags in your car. Make it a point to get those out of your car by the end of the week.

By cleaning out all the unwanted items, you will allow yourself to have a blank slate to figure out how to store items you are keeping. It is just incredibly helpful for you to be able to see exactly what you have.

5 Store

Everything is sorted and your bags of unwanted accessories are out of the way. Now the only thing you have in front of you is your beautiful accessories and bags that you love. So how can we store and organize the items that are left? Easy! By keeping all similar accessories together. What I mean by this is tp keep all your bags in one place. It will be your bag home. All your purses together in one place. All your jewelry together in one place.

You don’t have to keep all your accessories in the same place, but keep all like accessories together. This will help reduce the amount of clutter you will have for any of your accessories because you can see everything all in one place.

I suggest keeping scarves organized using a scarf hook organizer in your closet. If you have the space, then roll them up, put them in an acrylic bin, and store on a shelf.

Gloves and hats can be stored in a bin located with the jackets and other winter gear.

Hanging belts on a hanger in your closet near your pants.

Keep all head bands/hair accessories near your brush and comb in your bathroom. You can store them in a bin or drawer, but make sure to keep them all together.

Jewelry should be kept in a jewelry box. I suggest keeping the box in your bedroom in your closet.

Bags should be stored in a closet where you can easily access them. Keep all bags together. I typically suggest keeping bags together with suitcases in a closet. Use wall hooks to hang the bags so you can see what you have. If you are limited on space try folding your bags and storing them in clear shoe boxes. You can pile them on top of each other and label so you know whats in each box.

Purses should be stored in an easy to access area of your home. If you like to change out your purses frequentl;y, I suggest storing your purses near your shoes. If you only switch out your purses seasonally or for special occasions, then I would suggest storing them near your bags.

Find a place that works for you to store your items, but make sure that you store ALL the like items together so you can find everything you have easily.

6 Tweak

As you live with your new organizational system for your accessories and bags, you might need to make some simple tweaks with in the first few weeks. If you aren’t loving the place your purses are stored, then try to find another location that would work well for your needs.

After a few months, you might need to reassess what you are keeping. Do you notice that you never wear a particular necklace anymore? It might be time to part ways with it. As you notice items you no longer wear or use, then you should get rid of that item immediately. This is the easiest way to reduce clutter.

Since you are able to see everything you own, you are able to acess what you want to keep and what you can part with more efficiently after you have done a large organiztional cleaning spree. So you keep up with assessing what you are keeping and what you can part with.

Now its your turn to get your bags and accessories organized. Start by gathering all your accessories, categorize the accessories so you can easily sort what you have into piles of keep, donate, sell or trash. Then discard unwanted or unused items. Store like items all in the same location that makes sense for how you use them with in your home. Then tweak as needed.

Once all your accessories are organized, you can see and find them easily.

How to de clutter all your shoes.

Spring is in the air, and I have been in serious spring cleaning mode these past few weeks. As I looked around the house I noticed how many spots we have all of our things – and figured this was the perfect time to de clutter shoes, clothes and jackets for the next season. Out with winter and on to spring and summer shoes and clothes.

Over the past month, I shared how to get your clothes organized in six easy steps. So I followed my tips, and now my clothes are all snug in my drawer and neatly folded. I also shared how to organize your families jackets I colloected all the jackets from all over the house and the car, (yes, I did have jackets in the car). Then I went thru each jacket to see if it fit and if was something I loved. I kept the jackets I loved and fit. These is no point in keeping jackets that you might love but you can’t wear. I know that’s hard to hear, but trust me, you’ll feel better.

Today, I’m tackling shoes. We have so many shoes. Shoes in the mud room, shoes in the front hall closet, and shoes in this random closet we have going into the attic.

Then the kids have shoes. Just like jackets, it’s time ti get rid of the ones that just don’t fit. Check out these six steps for how to declutter and organize your shoes.

Step 1: Collect all shoes.

Grab all of your shoes from around the house and make one giant pile. Make sure you have space to sort, but that you are near a full length mirror to check out how you look in the shoes.

I organize my shoes in one spot. Once I gathered them all from the front hall. It took many trips but nonce I grabbed everything I needed to empty my shoes from boxes (i used to organize them in plastic shoe boxes.) which was super helpful I could see everything I had. Over time tho, the number of boxes grew and it got to be too much to store. So once I de cluttere this time, I’ll see how many I have left and then decided how to store them.

Pro tip: Don’t rush to store your shoes before you finish decluttering them.

Step 2: Create donate and keep piles.

Once you have your entire pile of shoes, grab a garbage bag to use for your donate pile. If you think you’ll sell the shoes, grab another garbage bag to use for your sell pile. Make sure you have room for the shoes you are going to keep.

I love using garbage bags because I can grab a sharpie and write directly on the bag. I write on the bags before I even start, so I have a bag for donate and sell.

Step 3: Check shoe sizes.

After I had two babies, my feet grew! Ever the optimist, I held on to a bunch of pre baby shoes that I loved and thought I would wear again but discovered… That’s not going to happen. They are uncomfortable and don’t fit me. So I recommend checking the size of the shoes first to spare you some try on pain and only keep shoes that actually fir you and that you enjoy wearing. I sadly had to donate shoes that look adorable but don’t fit my feet anymore.

Step 4: Try on shoes.

If you aren’t sure if the shoes fit, try them on. I strongly recommend trying on each and every pair of shoes you have. Look at yourself in the mirror. I discovered that some of my shoes made my legs look really short. I never noticed that before. They didn’t make me feel pretty, so I decided to donate them.

Look at the heels. I had some shoes where the heals were shot. I could either get the heals replaced or get rid of the shoes. Make a really conscious decision about if you are going to get the heals replaced. And if you are, do it right away.

Pro tip: As you try on each and every shoe you own, make sure to sort them accordingly. If you are donating them, put them in the donate bag. Like, actually put them in the bag – not beside it. Especially if you have little children playing near by.

Step 5: Discard shoes.

Now that your shoes are sorted into piles and inside bags, remove the bags of shoes you are going to donate and/or sell from your space. You should be left with only the shoes you love. You have officially decluttered your shoes and left with those you’ll organize in your closet.

Next, go back and check each shoe you are keeping. Did you miss anything about the shoes? Do you need to fix any? Is there a scuff mark on one? If the shoes are fixed quickly, you can wear them sooner.

Step 6: Store and organize your shoes.

The fun part is next… storing and organizing your shoes. I love this part because you can see your hard work once everything is put away.

First, find a place you want all of your shoes to go. Yes, every single shoe should be in one place in your home. The reason behind this is that you are able to identify each and every pair of shoes you have. When you spread the shoes throughout the house, you are more likely to forget you have a pair, which could lead to spending more money on shoes that are similar to ones you already own.

Pro tip: Make your organization work for you- and your space! I used to store all of my shoes in shoe containers piled on top of each other I had pictures of what was in each bin and stacked the bins based on color. This make it easy for me to find them quickly.

Once you find a place to store all your shoes. Start putting them away. I personally love using containers. I don’t recommend shoving all your shoes into a bin or just let them lay on the mat. Each pair needs a specific location.

Now that you know how to de clutter shoes, do the work, and take a step back to admire it all.

How to stage a book case.

Book cases usually end up in a few rooms of the house, and most of the time just end up collecting stacks of books and other things that don’t really belong there and, had you taken a bit of time, could be the focal point of the room, or allow you to tell the story of why you call your house a home.

1.) First, I usually always end up painting a pretty accent color to the back of the book case. Use a fun color to pop, a nice patterned wall paper or stencil, or just a nice contrasting color works great and will give the book case depth and interest.

2.) Pick a color scheme you want displayed. Usually you are good with going with 3 or 4 different subtle colors so the space doesn’t look too busy.

3.) Next, collect all the decorative items in your home you are not using. More times than not you have a handful of great pieces to make it pop, like a candle stick could just use a more updated candle topper, you could spray paint an old frame, or a vase could just use some new silk flowers from the dollar store. No need to spend alot on these items, just that they are visually interesting and will stand out and make an impact. Think height, shape, what colors will pop against the bookcase. I don’t decide how to place things until after I have a bunch of items to use. Sometimes you will end u[ returning items not used, but I say it’s better to be safe and have more to work with.

4.) When it comes to books I display, I usually go around the house and see all of the books there are to work with. I keep the ones that have a pretty spine, and a good colored spine. I always take the book sleeve off and I like to stack them or put them upright on one side ot the other of the shelf. I usually flip one or two around to give visual interest and I try not to have the same colored spine right on top of the same color. Mix them up to give interest. Also I love laying them on top of each other on one shelf or the other.

5.) When you have all of the items lay them out in groups. So all of the frames are together, all of the vases together, ect… its best to see in plain sight what items you have to work with. When displaying the items I usually take some time. I place items in two’s ,then the nest shelf three’s and back to two’s and I make sure what ever item is above and below on the shelf isn’t right above or below the other (don’t have a verticle row of frames or books). try staggering items, shapes and colors from one side to the other. And the key is to give the look of say 2 picture frames as one item.

6.) DIY saves money, and gets you the desired results! For example, don’t forget that you can make your own flower arrangement to save money, and most importantly, fit the space.

7.) Don’t fret if you have to take a gazillion steps back and make sure the items are balanced on the book cases, and my secret to knowing if it really looks good os taking pictures. I take pictures with almost every part of staging a room. Book cases are a must.

Try mixing up the colors ans shapes to give the book case balance.

Try to have the items not clumping together and have them create a natural glow.

The five best bathroom organizing ideas to streamline your space.

Here are some life changing bathroom organization ideas to maximize storage and eliminate the clutter on your counter tops.

Organizing a bathroom can be a tough task. It’s usually the smallest room in the house and it’s often shared by two or more people. That means there’s at least twice the bath and body products, towels, tooth brushes and the list goes on.

In a room with little to no built in storage, it can be over whelming trying to figure out the best way to sort and store all of these various items. You want your bathroom to look tidy but still make items easily accessible for everyone who needs to use them.

I had this issue when trying to organize my own shared bathroom but I get to work and managed to stash all the things I needed to. So, I’m going to share some of the ideas I used that you can try in your own home.

10 bathroom organizing ideas.

1 Assign each person a space.

If you can, assign each person that uses the bathroom their own little piece of realestate in there. Doing this has multiple benefits.

The first one is there will be no confusion about where to find things. Secondly, it controls the amount of clutter that creeps in. Once your shelf, drawer, or bin is full, your done. n Either purge or move things elsewhere.

2 Use bins or baskets.

Bins or baskets are great for containing clutter. The contents can be thrown in however you like, but the space will still look good. I recommend sorting items of similar function into separate bins. For example, put hair products into one and make up in another. Label each so you know exactly what’s inside with out having to pull everything out.

When you use baskets, you also save space. Ever tried lining things up on a shelf and then shoving those same things in a basket? Because you can pile items up on top of the other, you can conserve space on the shelf. Perfect in a small bathroom.

Make sure to use plastic bins with lids if your placing them under the sink. You don’t want your possessions to be ruined in the event of a leak.

3 Only store essentials.

Only store things that your actually using.

If you like to purchase things in bulk, you’ll have some excess items that are not currently in use. Find another place to store these extra products especially if your bathroom is tiny. Items like extra toilet paper, shampoo, and tooth paste can be stashed on a closet near by until you need them.

Store extra towels and wash clothes in a linen closet when your doing laundry, you can easily grab clean towels to replace the dirty ones.

4 Laundry hamper.

Speaking of doing laundry, make sure you keep a laundry basket in the bathroom. This is a great way to prevent dirty clothes and towels from ending up on the floor.

If you don’t have room, then find the nearest available space to put one in the hallway closet ot outside the bathroom door.

5 Use every nook and cranny.

When adding extra storage to your bathroom, think outside the box and use every space available to you. Add over the door organizers to the bathroom door and the cupboard door. Use shower organizers like a shower caddy and even mesh organizers that hang behind the shower curtain.

In my bathroom, not only do I use the shower caddy to corral bath and body products currently in use, I also have an over the toilet storage rack. These bathroom space savers are so handy. Mine has three shelves and allows me to store regularly used items with in an arms reach. I stash products in baskets to maximize the space and also stack a few extra rolls of toilet paper there too.

5 Electric tool storage.

Find a space to store your electrical tools like the hair dryer, curling iron,and your husbands electric razor.

These items can take up alot of space on counter tops and look really untidy with all the cords everywhere.

Here are some ideas for these items:

  • Inside a drawer- let the hot tools cool before storing them in a drawer. Consider lining the drawer with a heat safe material. Like an oven liner.
  • Over the door caddy.
  • My favorite option is a hair styling unit – you can hang it on a wall, a towel bar, or set it on top of the counter.

What ever bathroom organization you decide to use, keep your system simple. Straight forward is always the way to go of you want order to be maintained.

10 easy ways to make your home look inviting in under 10 min.

Have you ever been invited into someones home and instantly felt welcome and relaxed? It doesn’t even have to be someone you know very well, but you still feel right at home in their house. There’s actually a reason for that, and it doesn’t have as much to do with the design and style as it does with creating an inviting atmosphere where guests feel welcome and at home.

One of the most important things you can do as a host is to make your home look inviting. Guests should feel welcomed and free to relax the minute they enter your home. And though this sounds like a lot of work or too time consuming to deal with when your expecting company, it’s so easy you can actually do it 10 minutes before your guests arrive and no one will be the wiser.

10 easy steps to make your home look inviting in under 10 minutes.

1 Let the light in. Nothing says “welcome like natural light, so open up those blinds and curtains and let some light in! Dark, dingy rooms just aren’t as inviting as light, airy spaces. So do yourself and your guests a favor and open up those blinds! All natural light can also help a room look bigger, so it’s really an added bonus for your home.

2 Clear the clutter. Nobody wants to have to push aside a bunch of random house hold clutter just to be able to sit on the couch or at a table. It’s not fun for the people who live there, and it’s certainly not appealing for guests. Create a nice clean space for guests so they’ll feel invited and welcome.

3 Create a space where people can relax. Where ever you like to do your entertaining, make sure it’s a comfy area where people can relax. So whether that’s on your living room couches, at your dining room table, or on your back porch, make sure it’s a comfortable space that’s not overly formal where people can feel free to relax with out worrying about messing something up.

4 Have a place for drinks. An area for guests to set down their drinks invites them to stay a while. A decent coffee table or ottoman and coasters in the living room will give your guests the impression that you actually want them to stay and chat a while.

5 Include soft linens and pillows. As someone who is always cold, I can tell you that extra blankets and throws are always appreciated! And even if you friends aren’t cold blooded, linens add a soft cozy feel to the home, and invite people to sit and relax a while, reguardless of whether they use them or not.

6 Keep your home at a comfortable temperature. It’s never fun to visit someones home and be overly hot or cold. So keep your guests in mind if you typically keep your home at a higher or lower temperature than normal. You can always switch it back to the way it was when they’ve gone.

7 Light a candle. Candles not only provide a warm atmosphere, but they can also create a pleasant scent that can make your home smell wonderful. You can also use a wax burner ot oil to help give your home a boost in the scent department.

8 Open up pathways. walk around your home and pretend you’re someone visiting for the first time. Is it easy to navigate around, or are there things in the way that you’ve forgotten about because it’s become second nature for you to step over them? And open layout thats easy to navigate around is especially helpful for people who aren’t familiar with your home, make sure guest don’t have to trip over toys or a pile of magazines just to set on the couch. This is especially important in smaller homes where furniture and clutter add up quickly.

9 Designate a place for coats and shoes. Not only will this help your home look more organized and clean, but it’s helpful for guests so they don’t feel like their belongings are in the way and cluttering up your home.

10 Hang a wreath. There’s just something about having a wreath hanging on your front door that makes a home look so welcoming and inviting. It’s an easy way to add some instant seasonal cheer to your home.

Luckily, it’s not too hard to create a warm atmosphere and make your home look inviting. In fact, I’m willing to bet that you already do a few of these things. Just a few tweaks here and there and your guests will feel so at home that they might never want to leave.

Do you have any tricks to add to the list? Let me know in the comments.