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10 easy ways to make your home look inviting in under 10 min.

Have you ever been invited into someones home and instantly felt welcome and relaxed? It doesn’t even have to be someone you know very well, but you still feel right at home in their house. There’s actually a reason for that, and it doesn’t have as much to do with the design and style as it does with creating an inviting atmosphere where guests feel welcome and at home.

One of the most important things you can do as a host is to make your home look inviting. Guests should feel welcomed and free to relax the minute they enter your home. And though this sounds like a lot of work or too time consuming to deal with when your expecting company, it’s so easy you can actually do it 10 minutes before your guests arrive and no one will be the wiser.

10 easy steps to make your home look inviting in under 10 minutes.

1 Let the light in. Nothing says “welcome like natural light, so open up those blinds and curtains and let some light in! Dark, dingy rooms just aren’t as inviting as light, airy spaces. So do yourself and your guests a favor and open up those blinds! All natural light can also help a room look bigger, so it’s really an added bonus for your home.

2 Clear the clutter. Nobody wants to have to push aside a bunch of random house hold clutter just to be able to sit on the couch or at a table. It’s not fun for the people who live there, and it’s certainly not appealing for guests. Create a nice clean space for guests so they’ll feel invited and welcome.

Chaffing problems

Chaffing can occur in either gender. Baby powder is great at protecting between your thighs from chaffing during the hot summer days or even before exercizing. You may dust some baby powder between your thighs.

Using baby powder will help to eliminate all that pain and discomfort by your thighs rubbing together.

Gloves treatment

Folks who work in the medical field should know about this trick with baby powder and gloves. Rubber ot latex gloves are sometimes difficult to get on and off your hands. Applying some baby powder with your finders inside the gloves before putting them on will help in the on and off process to be much easier.

The baby powder helps to eliminate the moisture in the gloves, and pulling and tearing will be avoided.

swollen heels

Swollen heels always happen to people who walk alot. To prevent your heels from getting swollen, you don’t have to use expensive otc drugs. A little baby powder goes along way.

Rub a small amount of baby powder onto your heels before placing your feet into your shoes. By using this trick, you will be able to keep the pressure off of your feet and prevent your heels from swelling.

Tangled necklace

There are so many times the chains of necklaces get all tangled up and you don’t know what to do. There is a simple trick to untangle all those chains. That can make your life so much easier.

Dust the necklace chains with some baby powder and slowly remove them with a pin. You will be surprised at how easily the chains get untangled.

Fuller eye lashes

Most ladies want fuller eye lashes. Baby powder is one of the easiest and less costly ways to make your eye lashes fuller. What you must do is dust a small amount of baby powder onto your eye lashes before applying mascara.

It’s best to apply the baby powder with a q – tip. Then add another coat of mascara to hide the white powder. You will be so surprised at how your lashes are looking so beautiful and fuller.

Swimmers cap.

Putting on your swimmers cap can be very antagonizing. But before you put on your cap, sprinkle some baby powder into it, and rub the cap together.

By doing this, your cap will be able to cover your head and there will be no tearing and pulling of your hair.

Squeaky floors.

Squeaky floors can be a real nuicance, especially at nights when everything is quiet. You may try everything to solve this problem but never can get a good result.

Sprinkling some baby powder between the floor boards and then sweeping it into the cracks will instantly stop the boards from squeaking ever again.